Monday, March 17, 2014

January Bag of the Month - Bye Bye Love!

I finally had an excuse to make the first bag from the Bag of the Month club pack.  My wonderful Mom got me the subscription for Christmas (I only had to suggest it and she jumped at the easy gift).  My BFF asked for a Star Wars purse for her birthday and picked the pattern and fabric, so here it is!  Sorry for the bad pics, was trying to rush them before I ran off to give her the bag and it was hard to photograph for some reason!

(This bag is HUGE!!)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fun little gifts for kids!

I recently had the chance to make a few birthday presents, so I thought I'd share them now that the kiddos have gotten their gifts!

First up was a 'real' wallet for a boy turning 4!  He requested one 'Just like Dad's, except with a zipper'  So I modified the tutorial over at Modestmaven to include a box zipper.

(Inside has card pockets and the zipper pocket)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Crayon Rolls - a tutorial

There are millions of crayon roll tutorials on the Internet (well, maybe only half a million).  I’ve read several of them and come up with my own version that combined features I liked.  I seem to make them just infrequently enough that I have don’t have the measurements and assembly order always at the front of my brain, so I figured I should write it down somewhere.    I like to use a ½” seam allowance, I feel it is a little sturdier and more forgiving than the ¼” I see on several tutorials.