Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sew Along Time - Kiss Clutch!

I'm pretty sure my life is not crazy enough, so I volunteered to lead the next sew along for ChrisW's Kiss Clutch!  The good news, it is a FAST sew and a short sew along!  The bad news - I want to try making 3 in the 2 weeks it is running.   My expectation - I'll get one done before getting distracted.  ;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Costume crunch time!!

So for all my plans of starting 'early' I instead waited until 4 days before I needed the costumes finished...I can still do is going to be my BBFF (bestest best friend forever) this week...
Wonder clips really are a wonder!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Doctor Who inspired Ethel - Through Time And Space Fabric Preview!

When I was given the opportunity to make a purse to help debut a new line of fabric, I JUMPED at the chance!  This would be my first purse in a 'professional' setting and I would get to see fabric before the majority of the public, so what was there to say "No" to?  HUGE thanks to Scarlett Wells for letting me take part in this awesome project!
Professional Picture from the fabric line release - look how fancy it makes my purse seem!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Time to stop procrastinating, I guess...

I had big plans to work on the Halloween costumes ALL month, and now that I have 8 days to finish them, panic is starting to set in...which is when I seem to work best!  Soon my sewing area will be covered in giant cuts of fabric that will hopefully turn into cloaks in the very near future.  And there will also be an Anna hat from felt, time permitting...
Adult sized hat, haven't done one of these in a while!
 At least I finished a hat last night, so that is one thing off my (never ending) list!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Throw Back Tuesday - Mermaid Tail Wristers

I'm pretty sure I never shared these before, but they are still my favorite accessories for a cold office...sometimes called fingerless gloves, sometimes wristers, and I'm sure there are other names!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday - er, Thursday...

So it's no longer Wednesday, but I wanted to get my WIP post up for the week!  I'm trying to get back on schedule doing 2 posts a week, but there haven't been a lot of finishes lately and too much else going on!

This describes me perfectly.

Baby Jayne Hat. Pretty Cunning, don'tcha think?

I planned on making a hat for my nephew when he was born...a few months ago...but never got around to it.  Then my Sister in Law reminded me that she needed it, and requested a detachable beard.  So he can match his Dad.  Yes, my brother requested a hat to wear in Florida, when driving around in his little convertible.  He's special.  ;)  I can't wait to see pictures of the 2 of them in their hats and beards, but I'm really hoping it will fit since my 6 year old also can wear it!  Good thing my nephew is a big boy!

Bearded lady.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

WIP Wednesday - This and That

The last week brought a lot of random things to my list...My Little Pony patches, MLP ears, crochet hats, procrastinating on sewing purses...

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Yarn Season

I love this time of year, I consider it all to be "Yarn Season" instead of just "Fall" and "Winter".  Now that there is a little nip in the air, people are starting to think about hats and scarves again, and I get to pull out the hooks and curl up on the couch with a good tv show to listen to while I hook away!

Last night I started looking for yarn for a friend's baby hat...she wanted light colors so I went through my boxes pulling out anything that seemed 'light' or baby girl.  Or just really fun.  In less than 5 minutes I had all this yarn gathered up, and that wasn't even digging into my stash to find the stuff that's buried...

I might have a yarn problem.  Or maybe I need more because really that's not a huge selection of light colors...

Time to get busy crocheting!