Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random finishes - Crochet projects

I love looking at the older things I've finished, sometimes to say "I am so much better now!" and other times just to say "Hey, I do finish things, it's not just a giant pile of project pieces in my craft area!" (also I'm procrastinating on the Foxy Messenger bag tutorial.  Just a little)

Here's a few of my previous crochet finishes, I can't even remember where I found all the patterns, but I'd guess Ravelry and some of my books...

(This was my first attempt at Tunisian stitch, I made enough that I could turn it into a pencil/hook case and then sent it off for a swap!)

Monday, May 12, 2014

Foxy Messenger Bag - with tutorial - Supply List

Several months ago I was lucky enough to trade a crocheted hat for an AWESOME paper pieced fox panel by Sandra from Small Town Thread.  My oldest saw it in pouch form and actually squealed, which made me just stare at her because I've never heard that sound come out of her mouth before.  After getting over the shock and discounting aliens taking over her brain, I decided to see if she wanted one of the pouches.  She's not a 'purse' girl, so she decided that a messenger bag would be perfect.  Once I got the panel (and got over being amazed by how great it looks) I had to actually make the bag.  Fast forward several months, and I decided to stop procrastinating and start doing it. 

(finished bag, how awesome is this fox??)

A fast little baby crochet hat

I had a chance to make a little hat for a new baby, and I love this pattern!  Shell Stitch Beanie is a fast and cute hat, and I made the flower from the link at the bottom of that post.  I only did the first 4 rounds, but I am not a fan of GIANT flowers on tiny hats.  Big flowers are cuter than giant, I think anyway... This is actually the second one I've done, but of course I can't find the pictures of the first. 
 (actually a pretty good shot of the true yarn color!)