Monday, May 12, 2014

Foxy Messenger Bag - with tutorial - Supply List

Several months ago I was lucky enough to trade a crocheted hat for an AWESOME paper pieced fox panel by Sandra from Small Town Thread.  My oldest saw it in pouch form and actually squealed, which made me just stare at her because I've never heard that sound come out of her mouth before.  After getting over the shock and discounting aliens taking over her brain, I decided to see if she wanted one of the pouches.  She's not a 'purse' girl, so she decided that a messenger bag would be perfect.  Once I got the panel (and got over being amazed by how great it looks) I had to actually make the bag.  Fast forward several months, and I decided to stop procrastinating and start doing it. 

(finished bag, how awesome is this fox??)

Paper piecing intimidates me.  Shew, got that out in the open.  I'm sure I could probably do it, but for now I'll stick with straight lines in easy patterns for my quilting.  (Although there is a Tardis block that would make another awesome messenger bag...)  Just look at how cute this one is!

My panel measures 14 3/4" by 11" which was originally going to give a messenger bag size around 13"x7"x3".  After doodling around a bit, we decided that the flap needed to be taller so I could make the bag 14"x11"x5".  This means I need to add on a strip to the top of the panel, but fortunately I was able to find the matching fabric.  My oldest also picked out a green that coordinated for our outside (less dirt showing this way, hopefully), and an animal print that matched like it was made to go together!


One quilted panel - 15" x 11" plus 6" x 15" strip to attach to the top.  (Alternatively, make the original panel 15" x 16 1/2" or cut a piece of fabric to this size for non-paper pieced flap)  Mine was pre-quilted for me, but if you are making it yourself, you can quilt or leave plain.

Fabric -
Outer fabric - 2 yards cream canvas
1 yard green bottomweight cotton fabric (slightly thicker than quilting fabric)
lining - 1 yard quilting cotton
--If you aren't doing the quilted panel, you will need extra outer fabric, 1/2 yard should be more than enough.

Interfacing -
1/2 yard shapeflex or midweight interfacing (for lining pockets)
1 yard craft weight fusible interfacing
1 yard fusible fleece.  Alternatively, headliner foam or soft and stable foam could be used for the outside, but will need to be tacked down.

Velcro - 3/8"x8" sew in Velcro (more if you want to close pockets with it)
18" or longer separating zipper (these are the kinds used for jackets)

Other supplies - thread to match fabrics, zipper foot, pins or clips, sewing machine, rotary cutter, quilting ruler and self healing mat (not absolutely necessary, but it will make life much easier!), tailors chalk or disappearing marker/pen

(more instructions to follow, with LOTS of pictures!)

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