Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Random finishes - Crochet projects

I love looking at the older things I've finished, sometimes to say "I am so much better now!" and other times just to say "Hey, I do finish things, it's not just a giant pile of project pieces in my craft area!" (also I'm procrastinating on the Foxy Messenger bag tutorial.  Just a little)

Here's a few of my previous crochet finishes, I can't even remember where I found all the patterns, but I'd guess Ravelry and some of my books...

(This was my first attempt at Tunisian stitch, I made enough that I could turn it into a pencil/hook case and then sent it off for a swap!)

(A cute little clutch, also for a swap)

(Blanket I started before my youngest was born.  I finished it before she turned 3!)

(Tiny baby hat)

(Baby Bear hats, for a big brother and newborn sister)

(Kindle case, for a swap, made using cotton yarn)

(Fairy, I believe from an issue of Crochet Today, not sure when...)

(Knotted Headband.  Next time I'll be sure to melt the ribbon ends since my youngest somehow pulled the satin ribbon apart and it is now unwearable...)
(Cat for my son, from the Amineko pattern, he requested one in blue and orange and somehow it ended up being a chubby cat.  Which he loves.)

(Cat for my youngest, from the Amineko pattern.  She needed a tutu)


  1. Cute! I love the kitty dolls. I may just have to make one for my daughter. She loves her 'tity tat'.

    1. Aww! I'm sure she will love it! They are great for dragging around the house and snuggling with.


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