Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Almost Caught Up!

After the procrastination of last week, I had to kick it into gear this week!  Not that I kicked it soon enough or hard enough...I'm only 2 days late on a swap item so far...

I finally started another pattern from the Bag of the Month club...this will be my 5th pattern used, so I'm definitely getting my money's worth this year!  The Manhattan Bag is a nice sized bag with some great features.  I did it in the "Momma" sized, and I think it would be big enough for everything I carry...and I'd probably only add on a few more pockets.  ;)

I hope she likes it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sharing - Chance to win a ChrisW pattern!

Just a quick sharing, Christine is revamping her Snazzy Slouch and is having a giveaway right now for the new pattern!  Be sure to enter and check out her new website!

I'm not testing this time around, but I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!!

Don't forget to sign up for her newsletter, there will be a discount code for the re-release you won't want to miss!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Procrastination!

I am SO close to finishing the Tula Pink purse, but I only have a small amount of the pink glitter vinyl left, so I really don't want to screw up the handles...which is causing indecision as I try to figure out how to make them...which means I haven't made any progress on it since Friday!  And since I want to finish it, I am refusing to jump over it to another project, so nothing much is getting finished.

The Most Awesome Gifts EVER! Giant Squid Pillow and Mermaid Tail

My friends have complained that I'm too crafty, so they can never make stuff for me, but our cousin puts me to shame!  She makes the best gifts for my kids, and usually in just a few days!  I think she sleeps even less than I do!
So amazing to snuggle with.  Not what you usually think of when you hear "Giant Squid"

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Party Time!

My youngest is having a birthday party this weekend, and she changed her theme from "Steven Universe" to "Mermaid" which actually makes it MUCH easier for me!!  There really isn't much "Steven Universe" to be found anywhere and while I am creative, I was not looking forward to figuring out what we could do that would in some way relate to that show!

Since this was a last minute change, I am now trying to churn out some more of the little doodles for party favors - mermaids and pirates - along with a few other things for those that don't really care for 'people' coloring.  I can do at least 15 by the end of the week, right??
For now it makes a cozy hat for my sewing machine

Thursday, July 9, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Vinyl and Tula Pink

This week I'm working on a Swoon purse, the Evelyn.  It's for a birthday gift (a few months ago...only a little late!)  and she picked out some fun Tula Pink fabric, and a pretty sparkly pink vinyl to accent with.  The pattern didn't have enough pockets, so I am adding on several more, 3 on the outside and at least 2 slip pockets on the inside.

My first attempt...didn't realize I had the pocket on the wrong side because I could make it match on this side too!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Pattern Testing - Pick a Pocket Wallet by ChrisW Designs

Once again I was fortunate enough to test Christine's newest pattern - The Pick a Pocket Wallet (releasing today!)  and this one is another great pattern.  The wallet has a TON of pockets - the version I made has 1 zippered pocket, 4 large slip pockets, 12 card pockets and an ID pocket.  (and I didn't melt it this time!)  I chose a fun My Little Pony patterned fabric for the outside, along with one of my hoarded MLP snaps...I only have about 50 left! 

WIP Wednesday - Nobody's Perfect!

I know I share a lot of my finishes and I have had people say things like 'you made that??  You must be amazing' or 'I could never sew that good!' which makes me feel awesome, but then there are projects that never see the light of day.  It's very easy to only show the good and skim over the bad, and FaceBook is great for promoting the 'my life is awesome' persona.  I usually find sewing a fun and relaxing hobby, until things go very wrong.  Then it's time to hide the project, avoid my sewing area, and pretend I never wanted to make it in the first place...