Monday, March 12, 2018

Jelly Pens Hipster Pouch

I love using patterns for purses, even if I go WAY off the rails with my mods, I have a basis that should (hopefully) lead to a great finished project.  For this one, I used the tutorial from Make It and Love It and made some modifications.  This is a very simple project, but having someone else do the initial measurements was nice!
With a coordinating key chain!

First, I made one pretty close to the original, except I added in interfacing and lining pieces since I was doing regular cotton and not a canvas fabric.  After that was done, I discussed with the customer and we realized it needed to be about an inch taller, so it was a good thing I didn't use my coveted fabric for it!
Prototype with cute, but not rare, fabric

Opened up, with 2 pockets inside
This is a really fast project, once you remember how to do piping!  It's been forever since I added any but somehow I have an entire drawer FULL of packages of Hobby Lobby Piping.  (I'm guessing it was on sale or clearanced...).  Right now The Doctor (Janome HD3000) is in for his yearly cleaning and tuning, so I'm back to using Stormy (Juki HZL-F300).  I managed to totally screw up the timing on Stormy and while he is MUCH better, I think something is not fixable since the needle is still not going all the way to the left.... but he did a great job on this pouch once I switched to the zipper/piping foot!
Back - maybe a dark background wasn't the best since the piping blends in....rats!
The fun part of this pouch is that it can be worn multiple ways!  The strap is just webbing and a you use a plastic release clip, so it can go around your waist or over the shoulder (or around your neck, but I think it wouldn't be very soft!)  It even fits around my 'fluffy' waist!

So easy to install!
Changes to tutorial:
  • measured the pieces and added an inch on the height, plus added on a little to the sides to make it easier to cut with my quilting ruler.
  • cut lining pieces for each pocket
  • cut interfacing for ALL the pieces (SF101)
  • Plastic snap instead of velcro
Jack snap to replace the velcro
Lessons Learned:
  • cut rounded corners BEFORE doing the piping if you want them to be actually even.  I used my Yarn-it base as a guide for the second one, but a small plate or anything with a gentle curve would work
  • pin the piping in place.  (don't live on the edge like I do...)
  • Be careful ironing Velcro - I managed to melt the velcro with my iron, but luckily I was able to easily peel it off and replaced it with a snap
Other pocket
Lining - used some of my favorite rainbow fabric!
Small, but would still hold Batman and a few other friends!
If you'd like your own, feel free to contact me through the Etsy shop and we can work on a custom order!

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