Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Gabbie's Grove Pattern Testing (ChrisW Designs)

It seems like forever since I've tested a new bag for Christine (at least since December when I worked on the Podium....which was FOREVER ago!)  This new bag is a fold over convertible miracle!  It goes from giant tote to fold over clutch, and even magically can become a backpack!  You can get Gabbie's Grove HERE, and if you are signed up for Christine's newsletter, you can even get an exclusive discount code for the first few days of a release (sign up now, and she might even send it back out!)
Folded over, there's a phone pocket on this side
Zipper side is hidden when it folds over
All the straps give it fun details!

This bag is a pretty quick sew, the hardest part is the strap instructions, but even those aren't that bad!  You just need to follow ALL the instructions and when you do, it comes together like magic!
Straps.  Straps for MILES.  Or at least several feet
I had trouble deciding on the fabric to use for this one, it needed to look good both upside-down AND right side up, so that cut out about 3/4 of my fabric selections.  Narrowing it down to only 300 choices was still daunting ;)  Fortunately this fabric jumped out at me and I even had a perfectly matching red in my stash!  The inside doesn't need to be omni-directional, so the pretty skulls were an awesome coordinate!  With the new Deadpool movie coming out soon, I thought it was perfect timing, and the bag has already been claimed!  I did stock up on the outer fabric, but I'm pretty sure I'm down to scraps of the lining the next ones won't be identical!
Lining is nice and bright!

Folded over front.  The foam gives it structure, but after you work it, should take the right shape and settle down
I followed the instructions, so there are no extra pockets on mine, but an inner zipper pocket, and slip pockets would be easy to add in!  Right now it's perfect for just throwing in some notebooks or the random stuff that ends up in purses.  Even in the 'small' clutch mode, it's still pretty roomy!
I kind of love the fancy skulls...
They even peek out of the zipper pocket!
To turn it into a backpack, you simply unclip one side of the long strap, slip it through either the top handle or the middle handle, and reclip it, instantly divides into 2 straps!  There are much clearer pics on Chris's blog, but I couldn't fit myself into the light box and take the picture, and everyone else was asleep...
Not the best picture...but you get the idea!
I can't wait to try more of these with some of my stash!
Batman thinks it's almost as big as his mansion
I can't wait to see more of these show up in the Facebook Group! 


  1. Great job Rachel!! Love your blog, your wonderful sense of humor shines through all the great info!! Higs!!


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