Monday, October 30, 2017

Marauder's Map Necessary Clutch Wallet

When I was introduced to the amazing world of custom fabric, this Marauder's Map fabric was one of my first 'big' buys.  The cost is higher than what you would spend at Joann's or Hobby Lobby (or even a local quilt shop) but it is so amazing that it was totally worth it!  I think I'm down to less than 4 yards (ONLY!) but that's plenty for a lot more projects!
Custom fabric on top of another custom fabric? It's the only way I'll ever be able to use it all up!
It's been a while since I made a Necessary Clutch Wallet from Emmaline Bags, but it still came together nicely!  Other than accidentally installing the swing lock backwards on the flap, there weren't really any issues...and I had screwed up the rivets anyway so I was able to work them out and fix it all up!  Usually I have to drill them out when I mess up, but apparently I didn't eat my wheaties so they weren't in as securely as usual...shew!  I definitely got them in better the second time.
front, under the flap
I tried to get the best features of the fabric focused on the front, back and flap... I love the "Mischief Managed" and the wandering feet!

The lining fabric is a kind of batik/grunge crimson color, which I actually bought to go with the licensed version of this fabric.  It is a really nice contrast and gives the finished wallet a Gryffindor feel as well!  The map fabric came from Affordable Fabrics and more, a custom group that sometimes re-runs the fabric when everyone begs enough.  And there are even other colors, like the black and blue Ravenclaw one I have...
Zipper pocket, divider, and 12 card slots!
Handmade bling from Emmaline Bags

I was even able to use another custom fabric as my backdrop for the pictures, but someday I will sew something with that one too!  The Castles and words came from Snowy Owl Fabrics.
 I can't wait for more orders for this fabric, it's so fun to work with and there are so many different things I could make with could almost say it's magical!  ;)
Different backdrop, mixing things up a bit...


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