Wednesday, November 1, 2017

WIP Wednesday - November Already??

I have 10 days until the first craft show...plenty of time to come up with a million more projects! 
Splatoon character
Alolan Marowak.  Don't ask me, I just googled it and did it from the picture...

Shirt was a free pattern from Elliedactyl Designs, and fabric from Sugar Ink
It's handy having a stash of crafting supplies...
Tail was super easy to make, but of course it barely shows up in this picture.
Halloween costumes were finished HOURS before they needed done, and were a hit! One was a pokemon - Marowak and the other was a Splatoon character (her own character).  I did the sewing and the hubby did the mask and bone crafting and painting...I'm not saying my kids are spoiled, but all those years we did costumes (before it was called cosplay!) have come in handy!

Finished hat stack!  need to keep adding to it...
I'm hoping to have a giant tub of finished things to take to the craft shows, imagine if I could actually clear out supplies enough to see more floor!  Or at least my piles wouldn't be quite so high... 

Current Projects:

  • Funny Faces Brandt's Boulevard Order- final step, then ready to ship out!
  • Hobbit Bibs
  • crayon rolls
  • DONE! Halloween Costumes - Splatoon shirt/skirt/leggings and squid hair, Duplicant Shirt, Now we've changed to some pokemon.
  • Elephant Brandt's Boulevard
  • Nightmare Sydney Messenger Bag 
  • Attach embroidered hoods to towels

Current Embroidery Projects:

  • Finger Puppets - Need to restock and try some of my new ones! Turtles that do martial arts are ready to be stitched, along with some space heroes...
  • Stitch some of the new bows:  Cheer sized Jack, Sally, and Oogie; Ocean and other inspired bows
  • More embroidered peeker towels (and put together the finished hoods)
  • Ornaments - pull out baby machine and let her run?
  • restock key chains - maybe try some of my new ones or just add more Star Wars inspired ones... 
  • Kitchen towels with Christmas sayings

Current Crochet Projects:

Before I finished weaving in ends.  The Panda is my glued-on tester...seems to be working so far!
  • Cotton coffee cup cozies - weave in ends, add buttons and felties, keep making more...
  • Weave in ends on hats and cowls, add buttons.
  • WeeBee baby doll  - Just needs some face details, and maybe a swimsuit to wear when she's not in her tail...bikini sort of works...made up my own pattern and it's interesting...
  • Chunky Unicorn Blanket - almost finished up to the hood, then just ears, horn, and fringe!
  • C2C (corner to corner) baby doll blanket crochet with some random scarfie yarn - Need to figure out what hook I was using...
  • Mermaid tail towel, 2 skeins of yarn into this, I must be doing something wrong because it's not THAT big yet and I only have 2 or 3 more skeins to go.
  • Started working on cowls for the fall because they are mindless and fast...but I really should totally finish them, not leave them with tails and button-less...
  • Started a princess dress style blanket - Need to just add a border on the sides and it's done!  Even have pieces already attached :O

Next Projects: (orders and using up fabric)

  • Swoon Sydney messenger bags for birthday presents (from April and May...)
  •  Request for a 'small purse' for my youngest who has outgrown her Frozen Serendipity Hip...time to find it a new home!
  • Finish clematis that were cut at the same time as the swap one (3)
  • Storm Trooper shirt for me (super cute pattern, hopefully doesn't emphasize my 'mom bod')
  • Handkerchief Purse
  • Bag of the Month - Done 2 so far, the Minifacto and the Starlet Clutch, I think I need to do at least 2 more before the end of the year
  • custom knit leggings - Harry Potter marauder's map, maybe some 'exercise' ones?  
  • Tote bags using my coffee panels - India Swoon Pattern?
  • Baby quilt - Jungle Path pattern
  • Ruched Shirt
  • Baby mermaid gown - Found the fabric!  Maybe I'll just make one for fun since the Niece is already past the newborn size...
  • snuggle/lap quilts using reading quotes and flannel backs

UFO list:  

Fast finishes (hopefully)

  • Crayon Rolls - precut and ready to be sewn
  • Buttons on cowls
  • Several random crochet hats that need ends woven in/buttons attached
  • Replace stripped screws on Alice in Wonderland Daryl's Drive fixed one, need to get more screws because they are disappearing...
  • Embroidered Fox pillow cover - just needs the back cut and sewn!

 Ready to go, but will take a bit more effort projects:

  • Doctor Who Pick a Pocket - Now that I've made several of these, I should be able to finish this one quickly, if I ever pull it out
  • Goldfish Lovey - fish is made, bowl is mostly made, needs put together
  • Dragon Lovey - pieces and the blanket done
  • Wisteria Wallets - 2 cut and ready to be assembled 
  • Bella II in Tula Pink Foxfield - outside is done, inside is cut and waiting for me to finish
  • Sea turtle crochet lovey
  • Crochet Worgen 
  • Alice in Wonderland Bonnie 
  • Tulip pouches - have some cut out (pattern)
  • Crochet Giraffe photographer  

Want to make - list:

  • Legendary Quilt pattern pillow
  • Pokemon quilts with custom fabric
  • Shirts for myself using the custom knit (Harry Potter Ugly sweater fabric)
  • Shirts/pants/leggings for my kids with the custom knits
  • MORE Purses with the custom knits
  • Embroidered kitchen towels
  • Peeker hooded towels  
  • Giant vintage star quilts - Star Wars and Princesses
  • zip around crayon rolls

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