Monday, November 27, 2017

Tattooed Princess - India Hobo by Swoon

Recently there was a sew along in one of the custom fabric groups for the India pattern (affiliated link) from Swoon.  I love this pattern because it comes together SUPER fast, but has an interesting shape and is really comfortable to wear.   This is the smaller version, but still pretty roomy! I am so tempted to keep this one for myself, it would be perfect for shopping hands free, but I do have a stockpile of purses already...
Rapunzel - after the haircut she went wild...

The awesome tattooed fabric came from a custom group based in Canada, (Fabric Geeks) so I had to stock up on as much as I could!  I have more panels waiting to become purses or possibly even hoodies and more cardigans...
Her tattoos tell a story...I'm pretty sure
The colors on the awesome fabric are not easy ones to match, so I went with bright and bold for the inside.  Of course, this is a reversible bag, so you could have the bright and bold on the outside...
I love the sketch look of the princesses!
But why would you want to hide this cool fabric? Even the back without the princess is pretty interesting.  I only put one zipper pocket on this bag for the sake of time, but it will still fit quite a lot inside!
I think the coordinating fabric is just as awesome!
Peeking inside
Follow your dreams and buy the purse!
This purse is availble for sale (I guess I don't NEED it...) $45 plus shipping.  Quick, someone buy it before I change my mind!  ;)

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