Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mini Hobo Bag

When I think of hobo bags, I picture something big enough to carry a small child, or possibly the kitchen sink.  This "mini" version is only 15" tall (including handle) and  16" wide which is still a good sized purse! I found a free pattern at Flamingo Toes blog and printed out the pattern. It makes a giant bag, so I trimmed the pattern.  I took the extra off the bottom and the middle so I could keep a nice curve to the purse. 

(Purse is empty so it's hard to make it nice and stretched out)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My First Pillow Cover! (And the lessons I learned)

I love getting mail, and swaps are the best mail to get! I joined a swap on a quilting group for mug rugs and pillow covers.  I prefer my pillows naked, so I asked for a mug rug, but my swap match up asked for a pillow cover.  It seem that to get mail, you have to send something in return, and I always worry that my stuff isn't as good as what everyone else is making.  In an attempt to make something "AWESOME", I went overboard and tried to make a 61"x61" quilt pattern downsized to an 18" pillow.  Given enough time and quilting experience, I'm sure it could be done, but I like to wait for the last minute panic to set in, so I gave up on that idea after I had already cut 80+ tiny triangles and sewn a third of them together.  It would be an awesome pillow, but I think I'll try it as a quilt first.  When I have some free time. ;)

(Here is the pillow top on the recipient's quilt, much better than anything I managed to take!)

Monday, July 14, 2014

More Fun with the Embroidery Machine - Bows Galore and More!

Sometimes when I do a craft, after the first run I'm finished.  It was a new skill I learned, and it was fun to do (usually), but not something I see myself doing regularly, if ever again.  Not so with these bows.  I can't get enough of them, and they are so fun to make!  I also started using sheets of glitter vinyl (found mine at Hobby Lobby, next to the felt) and that opens up a whole new world of materials!  And then I found out that I could do them in fabric (Duh!) which means I may soon have bows of every fabric I own...at least the ones with cute little patterns. 
(Inspired by an ice queen - Pre gluing, excuse the pin)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pattern Testing - Big Girl Briefs by SergerPepper

I will start this off with saying that I rarely make clothes.  Two main reasons, first is that I can usually buy pretty nice stuff for cheap, so why waste my time on stuff like that when I can make fun bags and totes? And second, knits and I do NOT get along.  Now if I were to take the time to follow all the tips and tricks that abound on the internet I'd probably have much better luck, but it's just not something that usually interests me.  That being said, I had the opportunity to test for SergerPepper and decided to step outside my comfort zone.  The pattern was a simple and fast one, so I hoped I wouldn't screw it up too bad. 

(Super soft and comfy!)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Stow It All Tote - pattern testing

I had the privilege of being picked to test again for ChrisW Designs. Her bags are usually very involved with great details and fun hardware that makes them amazing, so when she said it was going to be an "easy" bag, I figured it would be a quick one. Well, for her it was "easy", but it still has a great amount of detail and fun features!

(I love this Bag!)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Quilty Goodness - More Things I've actually finished!

Growing up I thought that quilts were so cool, but also too much work to ever make one of my own.  The patterns were amazing and totally intimidating to a novice sew-ist (I prefer that to sew-er). Then I saw the 1600 quilts and thought "Hmm, that seems simple enough, just sewing in straight lines, minimal cutting, and fast!" and decided that I'd try it out. 

I found some clearance jelly rolls at Joann's and one (or maybe two?) weekend(s) later, viola, quilt top!  Then I had to figure out how to make it slightly longer (not quite long enough for a twin bed), back it, quilt it, and bind it.  My little sewing machine was able to chug along and do straight lines, but I didn't know much about quilting at that time.  (Such as, some batting has a minimum distance between sewing lines.  Or that the more you quilt, the more it crinkles.)  All in all, for a first quilt, I was pretty proud of myself!

(I even got the seams mostly even!)

Monday, June 9, 2014

In The Hoop Embroidery -- Who knew embroidery machines could do so much??

I really love my new embroidery machine.  Have I mentioned that this week?  REALLY love it.  Really really REALLY.  Besides doing awesome designs, I discovered that it does this neat thing that the 'professionals' (what I consider anyone who has been doing a skill long enough to know more than me!) call "In the hoop" projects.  Mine is only a tiny hoop, so I can only do small projects, but there are some out there that can make purses entirely on their embroidery machine!  With zippers! (insert amazed face here)

Even limited to my 4x4 hoop area, I have still managed to make some fun bows from the Bobbin for Appliques patterns.  I planned on making a few for the etsy store, but so far they've all been claimed before I could even get that far! 

(My first one, using some felt I stole, er, borrowed from my oldest)