Wednesday, October 18, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Time To Get Spooky?

Yesterday someone on the radio pointed out that it was 2 weeks exactly until Halloween, which led to panic as I realized I needed to get the costumes started...and then more panic when last night my son gave me a paper for a spook house he's doing on THURSDAY of this week...I try to volunteer at it every year when my kids do it, so I have to try to throw together a 'spooky' outfit tonight since I wasted last night somehow... I'm guessing that I'll be wearing one of my regular shirts unless I can get a pattern taped together, cut out, and sewn in under 2 hours...I do have a lot of fabrics that could work for a 'spooky' shirt...
What is more Halloween than a vampire slayer??
How about a pirate?

Monday, October 16, 2017

All The Sparkles - Hosta Hobo

When I asked this teacher what her favorite colors are, I got "hot pink and black.  And white.  And sparkles."  so I went with it!  My son helped pick out the style of purse and approved the fabrics, so all I needed was some spare time.  Unfortunately I was in the middle of a move and backed up on orders at the end of the school year, and the summer flew by, so she just barely got it this month. I think that still counts since it's technically the same year...just not school year...  :D
My new favorite photo shoot location, a ledge in my house.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Wait, I Might Have a Snappy Title...Nope.

I finally succumbed to the cold making the rounds at home and work.  As a result, all I've done for the past 2 days is stare longingly at my fabric.  I don't trust myself to cut anything when I'm sick, especially not something that I only have a limited supply for, like my Marauder's Map fabric!
Now up on Etsy, also have a giant cheer sized version

Monday, October 9, 2017

Owl The Love - Fiona's Freeway

I finally finished the Fiona's Freeway from ChrisW Designs - only about 3 months after I planned, and a month (or 2) after the sew wasn't a hard project but my time is in high demand!  (Totally not due to procrastination...probably)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

WIP Wednesday - Time to get Spooky!

Soooooo... it's October in case you didn't notice.  Which means crunch time for Halloween costumes.  Guess I should get on that...soon.  To set the mood, here's a peek at the latest wallet under my needle, a Nightmare Before Christmas Wisteria Wallet.
Someday I'll be perfect at fussy cutting to show everything...someday!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Zelda Style - Brownie Wallet from XOXO By Lauren

If you are looking for a SUPER fast wallet pattern and have some fold over elastic (commonly called FOE by the crazy sewing types), vinyl, cork, or leather, and a scrap of fun fabric, this is the perfect pattern!  The Brownie Wallet from XOXO by Lauren is great for last minute gifts. 
I've been hoarding this cool Zelda/Link print...and this barely used any!
More of the fun fabric inside

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

WIP Wednesday - What Does the Pineapple Mean???

I was at Joann's last night for some legit crafting supplies (stuff I ACTUALLY need to finish a project) and ran across a pineapple emoji button on clearance.  I get the faces, but does the fruit have a hidden meaning? Do I really want to know?  I'm going to assume it's just a cute pineapple and leave it at that...
Clearance buttons are my catnip.
When you find adorable fabric on sale to match clearance buttons, you can't pass it up!