Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pick A Pocket Wallet - Inside Out Edition

I am so glad to have this wallet finished.  For being an 'easy' version, I sure managed to screw up or second guess myself every step of the way!  This was my first time doing it with the second zippered pocket, so of course I screwed that up too!  The good news is that I took notes as I fixed my mistakes...the bad news is that I'll probably lose those notes...

My 'customer' was very happy with the way the wallet turned out, now she's trying to convince me that she needs to carry my cards and money...not going to happen LOL!

The outside HAD to have Joy and Anger, but of course they weren't right next to each other on the fabric.  We compromised and Anger went on the tab. I think it turned out cute!

Her favorite character...we still haven't seen the movie!

WIP Wednesday - Week 3 of the Pick a Pocket Sew Along, UFO Challenge, etc

I finally finished something!!  The first wallet for the Sew Along is done!!  I somehow managed to put the inside and outside main pieces together backwards, which led to everything being put together on opposite sides, but it still works! 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Pick A Pocket Sew Along - Week 3

I hope everyone is moving along on their wallets, I'm almost halfway done with my first and with a few more hours of sewing time, will be totally finished!  Don't forget to check out Christine's blog for tricks and tips!  And share your pictures in the FaceBook group!

I took Ellen's tip about making the template for the pockets, and I LOVE it!  I think I will finally defeat the pockets and get them evenly spaced!  I did learn that you need to make sure the pen you grab ISN'T the frixxon pen...even on cardboard it will disappear with ironing...oops!

Piece of cardboard from a fat quarter

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WIP Wednesday, UFO Challenge, Pick a Pocket Sew Along - Over Halfway through August!

How is everyone doing on their UFO pile?  I admit...mine is crawling along.  Now that the quilt top is finished, and I'm on track for the Pick A Pocket Wallet sew along, I feel like I'll have a little breathing room to work on the loveys.  Recently I decided to reorganize my sewing storage area and ran across MANY more UFO' I need to finish these so I can get started on the rest I found!  I have one arm, hair, and putting it all together left for the 2 loveys.

Pick a Pocket Sew Along:
Still working on the wallets...I have them interfaced, the tabs sewn (but not top-stitched or snaps on) and started working on the first zippered pocket.  After half an hour of trying to make sure I had the zippered pocket the right way...I think I finally figured it out!  I hope anyway...

Monday, August 17, 2015

Pick A Pocket Sew Along - Week 2!

I am finally getting started, but Christine and Ellen have finished ALL the steps over on the ChrisW Designs Blog!  Don't worry if you aren't very far, this wallet goes together nicely once you have the pieces cut!  Or you can be a little crazy and cut 2 at once!  That way if you mess up, you REALLY mess up!  Not that I have...yet....

I used a frixon pen to write on the pieces what they were...and then waited until they cooled after fusing the interfacing to write it again.  Heat disappearing ink is not a good idea when you need to iron!  I thought about throwing them in the freezer...

Bag of The Month Club - Manhattan Mama Sized Purse

I really love the Bag of the Month club this year!  I can't believe it's only August and I've already made 5 of the 6 patterns!!  This one is a relatively fast sew, no fiddly bits other than the GIANT zipper!  Which is not hard to install if you take your time and use zipper tape.   Zipper tape is my new favorite thing.

Embroidery from Urban Threads, I love how this one stitches out!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Evelyn by Swoon - In Tula Pink!

Sometimes I feel so fancy, throwing names around like I know what I'm talking about...of course if you mention a clothing designer, I'll probably give you a blank stare and ask if I've met them....but I'm learning all the 'top' designers of handbag patterns and amazing quilting fabrics! 

My fancy handles, glitter vinyl with fabric to hide the seam