Monday, January 15, 2018

Floral Wars Carrier's Conquest

I can't even remember when Carrier's Conquest from ChrisW Designs was part of Bag of the Month club, but at the time I was too swamped to make one as a pattern tester.  It's been on my list since then, so I'm glad to finally mark it off!  And bonus, it's pretty awesome!
I need to remember to account for vinyl overlays when I try to fussy cut...
Storm Trooper side
This is a more traditional purse shaped one, but the details are what really make it fun!  There are 2 outer zipper pockets, plus a phone pocket, plus the main compartment, which has a flap to secure everything inside!  Not to mention the 2 sets of slip pockets!
Both zipper pockets open

Slip pocket inside the zipper pocket
Inside the main compartment, with the slip pockets
The handles are pretty awesome too, half fabric, half unfinished edges!  I added on a cross body strap per the customer's request and left off the drawstrings on the ends.  This was a good test for my new rivet press dies, and they didn't let me down!  I really need a bigger set so that I can use my longer rivets, but a little hammering (of the fabric, not the rivets) and everything worked out...

My rivets are getting's the angle that makes it look crooked. Let's go with that.
If you need a bag with lots of pockets and organization, this one is PERFECT!  I seriously considered making one of these for myself, but decided to try another unused pattern instead...however this is on my list to make again soon! I only have scraps left of this fabric, so I'm glad it went to someone that will love it!  The main fabric is Floral Wars from Knitorious (custom fabric but she might run it again this year!) and the accent fabric and black vinyl are from Joann's.
Not a small bag by any means!
 I have a small stockpile of this fabric left in other colors, but I need more!  Can't wait to see what other colors she runs this year!


  1. I love this purse, Rachel! The shoulder strap is fabulous, especially since you can remove it when it's not needed. Lovely!

    1. Thanks! I'm a fan of the cross body strap on all my purses, sometimes you need hands free!


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