Monday, January 8, 2018

Cuddly Blankets and Reading Pillows

Now I can finally start sharing the Christmas orders!  The 'new' thing I saw this year in my embroidery groups was reading pillows.  They are pillow covers with a pocket on the front to hold a book and a cute saying and picture.  I was looking for an excuse to make a few, and fortunately a customer fell in love with the idea and decided her girls needed one each!  And they needed matching blankets! Blanket toppers are also pretty new, custom printed minky is amazing!
Does it say 'Star Wars' to you? I thought it might be too subtle ;)
A set worthy of a House Elf!

The blankets are toppers from the Backstitch fabric group, soft minky with fun sayings and prints.  Backing is Shannon minky (super soft!) and since the fronts ended up a little wider than the backs, I added a strip of the border to the backs.  Unfortunately, unless you want to pay at least $55 for just the fabric, I can't make more.  I can do some of the toss fabric as blankets tho, maybe I should list some up on etsy...or just keep hoarding it!

Pillow sayings came from Bows and Clothes embroidery, while the sketchy Darth Vader and Dobby came from Thanks for the Adventure.  I don't have more of the lap blankets, but I can make more pillows!  You can find the Darth Vader style HERE and the Dobby style HERE. I'm also working on stitching out some of the other options, a Harry and Hedwig one is up next!

The final blanket (different order) has cuddle fabric from Joann's as the backing, and it was wide enough I didn't need to add the stripe! However, this one WAS a pain to work with since it seemed to stretch and slide more than the other minky fabrics.  Good thing I did it last or I would have been dreading the other 2. ;)
Super soft backing that tried to break me...but I won!
I do have one more to make for me, and a few other styles in my stash (Misfit Toys, Disney castle, Zelda on the way...) so I should get those done while it's still cold out!  Otherwise they are going to insulate my stash for another year...

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