Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Always Rosie (Swoon Pattern)

My final panel from the Moonbeam run was this amazing "Always".  It reminded me of the concealed carry Rosie so I decided to make a new version with it (not concealed, just pretty!).  The fabric is open for preorder TODAY so make sure to snag some of your favorites! (affiliated links)

Do I still love this purse after all this time?

I still had some of the want motions coordinate left, so that became my exterior and pockets, which is a nice pop of color but not too 'in your face' crazy design. 

Back with zipper pocket
Opened up
The pattern for Rosie is pretty straightforward, with options for decorative edges on the flaps, but I didn't want to hide any of this pretty panel!  It's really hard to tell from the pictures, but the background texture looks like an erased chalkboard, which is a fun effect and keeps the fabric from being boring!  There are only 2 zippered pockets on Rosie, but she's the perfect size for a small crossbody purse, roomy without being huge!
Not lint, actual pattern on the fabric
Inside pocket, needed some fun inside so bright zipper to the rescue!

I see stars...
I had the star fabric still sitting out, so that became the lining and strap, but then the tossed map fabric from Knitorious happened to catch my eye and begged to be the inside of the flap for a fun surprise when you open the bag!
This purse came together quickly, and the small panel on it was perfectly sized!  I'm still amazed at how versatile the infant/toddler size panels are! (and only $5 on preorder, such a deal!)
All done with child/infant panels!
Be sure to get your preorder in this month, there are some amazing designs and I'd love to see what you come up with!
If you ask if he still loves black, he'll answer "Always"
 Affiliate Disclosure: I will receive compensation from Moon Beam Textile Company and Swoon Patterns when a purchase is made using the links in this post.

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  1. This bag is amazing! Love the stars inside.


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