Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Craft Resolutions and World Domination Plans

Wait, did I say that out loud? I mean...world donut plans..  Yes, donuts.  Mmm, now I want donuts.  

Back to the main topic, I love making plans and lists and especially marking things off the list (have you seen my WIP Wednesdays? That list is kind of insane).  They say that the best resolutions are ones that you create specific plans to meet them (saying 'I want to lose weight' apparently doesn't work) and also keep track of the progress.  I have a few exercise resolutions for this year involving getting on the elliptical every other day for 30 minutes and completing some of my 30- and 60- day workout plans, but so does everyone else I bet. ;)  The fun resolutions are craft related!

1. Organize my craft studio 

  • put all fabric on comic book boards (ordered a few hundred more)
  • clear out fabric I no longer love (destash groups)
  • put together another cubicle (been staring at it for a few months now, still in the box)
  • move fabric tubs for fleece and flannel downstairs (rarely seem to use them and that's where they lived in the old house)
  • work on getting all my hardware into one area/sorted by size
  • hang up pegboard (needs spacers and then holes drilled
  • hang up whiteboard (need to find some nails or screws that fit in the built in holes)

2. Sew at least one of my 'never been sewn' patterns every month from my stash

  • I have a ton of purse patterns I bought on sale and haven't had a chance to try out yet
  •  Even more embroidery patterns in my stash...I should aim for 1 new stitch out every week, along with finishing items to list on the new etsy shop
  • As I lose weight, then I'll try some of my clothing patterns...but that will take a bit longer.

3. Finish UFO's/WISP (work in slow progress)

  • at least 1 UFO/WIP a month, along with listing on Etsy or gifting
  • crochet projects - either finish or frog any I run across in my cleaning

4. Quilts

  • Finally make my kids the pokemon quilts I promised them last year (or was it the year before? They still like it, so all good)
  • Try the Legendary quilt pattern (I NEED a Bigfoot quilt in my life!)

5. Etsy

  • Move all the listings to the new shop:  www.tigerinatornado.etsy.com
  • Build up on hand stock through the summer so that when September/October/November rolls around I'm not scrambling to meet orders and do custom orders and make costumes for the kids and do Christmas presents...
  • List new items at least 2x per month after the original listings are done (hopefully part of the finish WIPs and trying some of my other patterns!)

Non-craft related:


  • Get my book published, either through an agent or self published (deadline of July to find an agent before I start the self published route
  • Finish another book (either the second one, or go for something completely different)
  • Submit short stories to sci-fi magazines (at least 3) 


  • get some

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