Tuesday, August 30, 2016

At Loose Ends...

I just finished up a sort of secret project, and other than my GIANT list of half finished and un-started projects, I have nothing I NEED to do right now.  I mean I should start cleaning and organizing, but where's the fun in that?? 
Cotton + Steel fabric is so cool!  Bears with metallic gold party hats and bows?!?!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Coffee Makes the World Go 'Round

Coffee is my drug of choice, but with lots of cream and sugar.  It helps me fight off the zombie effect from staying up too late trying to do 'stuff' and it keeps me moving in the afternoon.  That being said, last night's sewing saw a lot of my seam ripper...so it might have been better to sleep instead.  I did get it all fixed at least!

Usually I just use this seam ripper for the 'eraser' on the cap to pick up threads, but Jack ran away and is hiding.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Actually A Mermaid Purse - True Story! The Sandra Saddle Bag by Swoon

I have started collecting embroidery files along with fabric and purse patterns...and most of them could coordinate to make some awesome purses!  When I have no projects in the "MUST FINISH ASAP" pile, I'll randomly browse my Pinterest boards for inspiration.  (I try to pin every file I buy, but I'm sure I missed a few...hundred?)  Or I sit in front of my fabric stash looking for inspiration.  Sometimes both!  This time I decided that the first thing that caught my eye would be the inspiration for my next project.   The applique is from Bobbin For Appliques, and was so clean and easy to stitch!  I knew I had mermaid fabric, but for embroidery to really pop, it needs to be on a less busy fabric...or REALLY bold!
My standard tree pic...If we ever move, I'm going to have to find another tree!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Fast and Stylish Patterns Are Awesome!

It turns out the Sandra Saddle bag by Swoon IS a fast sew!  I didn't add any extra pockets (I resisted the urge but adding pockets is almost a compulsion at this point!)  I just need to finish sewing the birthing hole, then it's all done and can go on etsy!  I think I took one day to cut and fuse and then the equivalent of 1 day sewing (spread out over 3 days...)
Indoor at night picture...which didn't turn out too bad!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Boronia Bowler - Mine, ALL MINE! (Plus an extra pockets guide)

As soon as I saw the Boronia Bowler pattern by Blue Calla, I knew I wanted to make it right away!  Unfortunately I had other things ahead of it on the list, but I decided to skip the line for my birthday sewing last month!  It is a good sized bag, with tons of room inside and a stylish shape!  Of course I had to go a little crazy and add in extra pockets, but even that wasn't too hard.  I planned on making a 'test' one first, but then I decided to live on the edge and just go for it with my hoarded fabric.  I love Tula Pink sea prints, so when they reprinted the Octogarden, I jumped and bought my first full bolt of fabric.  Sometimes I pet it when no one is looking.  Or when they are looking, and then I get odd looks...until they pet it and feel how silky it is!

My favorite colors!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

WIP Wednesday - I'm Not Procrastinating...What Gave You That Idea?

Instead of getting what I planned on crafting for this week finished...I came up with an idea for a purse totally not on my list!  Hopefully it's a fast sew because I really need to get back to my half finished projects! (Sorry for the dark pics, one of the hazards of late night crafting!)
True story.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Turn Back Time Tuesday - Pokeballs

I haven't had good daylight to get pictures of my latest purse, so instead I was skimming though my camera and came across these...Party favor's from my son's Pokemon themed Party back in January.  I got the embroidery file here, from Show Me Bowtique, and like the insane person I am, decided to make them for everyone.  I think I ended up making 12?  I lost track and sent them home with kids, but I've found a few around our house lately.  And the dog really loves his Pikachu...but I'm expecting to find the carcass any day now because he feels that stuffing belongs all over the stairs and not inside his toys...so it is a true test of the strength of the stitching!

A few of the finished ones, also had a Charmander

Friday, August 5, 2016

A Few Questions For My Readers!

I'm amazed that people seem to enjoy reading my ramblings, but I worry that it gets boring seeing similar things all the time.  Is there anything YOU would like to see?  Maybe a tutorial on how I add pockets to things, or a guide on how to do something in embroidery?  I'm no expert, but I can share what I've learned from all my trials and errors (lots of errors.  LOTS AND LOTS!)

We're all mad here!  That's the best kind of people, in my opinion.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

WIP Wednesday - What Next??

I (almost) finished my Boronia Bowler bag!  All I have left is the cross body strap, which hopefully won't take long at all...famous last words.  Then I can get some better pictures, do a post about my modifications, and start using it!  It's mine, all MINE!!

Check out that pattern matching!  Sorry for the late night picture, I finished about 11 pm last night

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wisteria Wallet by Blue Calla Patterns

One of the great things about joining sewing groups on Face Book is that you are exposed to different designers and their patterns.  One of the patterns I was excited to see and couldn't wait for the release date was the Wisteria Wallet.  It's a totally different look from the other wallets I've made, with the card slots actually on the outside and a slim design.  The pattern was released just as Stormy went on strike, so all I could do was buy it and start cutting out pieces for when I'd have a machine again.  Usually I like to make one of something before jumping on the bandwagon, but the pieces and pattern were so straightforward that I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it!

Yay, I didn't melt the ID window!