Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Wisteria Wallet by Blue Calla Patterns

One of the great things about joining sewing groups on Face Book is that you are exposed to different designers and their patterns.  One of the patterns I was excited to see and couldn't wait for the release date was the Wisteria Wallet.  It's a totally different look from the other wallets I've made, with the card slots actually on the outside and a slim design.  The pattern was released just as Stormy went on strike, so all I could do was buy it and start cutting out pieces for when I'd have a machine again.  Usually I like to make one of something before jumping on the bandwagon, but the pieces and pattern were so straightforward that I decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it!

Yay, I didn't melt the ID window!

Hard to capture it, but the fabric is fairy frost and sparkles!
I did have a few boo-boos on the first one, mainly that I made my zipper tabs too short.  (I wonder if I did them sideways or grabbed the wrong piece?  Or maybe when I was cutting my eyes wandered.  It happens a lot...)Then I tried to compensate for the zipper tab errors, but I finally gave up on my plan to gradually increasing the seam allowance until they caught.  It is still VERY usable, it just has an extra slot I could stick a pen into.  I will be fray checking that edge of the fabric, to prevent unraveling.  I also forgot to stick in the main body stabilizer, to give it a little more structure.  Jamming it full of cards and other stuff helps to keep it stiff, but I won't be forgetting that piece again!
We're going to call that a bug feature...
The small pocket is great for all those cards I "HAVE" to carry but rarely use (but regret when I don't have them with me!), plus my business cards.  I am using the large pocket for cash (folded in half - maybe if I didn't keep increasing the seam allowance they would fit flat?), coins (I usually throw them in with my cash anyway), and receipts.  My phone won't fit, but that is because I have a huge shock absorbing case on it.  I checked and the Samsung Galaxy S4 with no case fits in perfectly.  An S7 in a bulky case does not...but I don't stick my phone in my wallet anyway.
Big pocket - There's money down there...I swear!

I used a plastic snap for mine, mainly because I'm up to my eyebrows in snaps and it matched perfectly!  The plastic snap feels very secure and makes a loud click when it is opened and closed, so I know it is closed!  I may try increasing the width of the vinyl strap, just to totally cover the cards, but I already have one more of the same width straps cut and ready to be sewn.

The sewing machine took off on me, that's why one side has a little extra sewing...
I was a little concerned this wallet would be too small for me but it holds a lot more than I expected!  And it's much thinner, so I could even use it in my smaller purses.  I used it along with my Ramona at a Renaissance Festival last weekend and it was super lightweight and easy to get in and out without having to spend time fumbling to find stuff.  The cards are in there pretty tight, and the vinyl flap gives it a little extra security.
On top of my Ramona, which is the smallest purse I've kept for myself
I've only used the wallet for 4 days, and I've already had a random stranger ask where I got it!  I missed my chance to hand out my business card because it was so unexpected, but next time I'll be ready!
Look at the beautiful stitching on two layers of vinyl from the new Janome!

Perhaps you remember my prep picture? Still have the skull ones to sew!
 Now I need to finish up the other 2, and cut out several more!  I think some pretty fabrics are next, or maybe more fun fabrics!  Tiny patterns seem to work the best for this wallet, but I bet some pretty batik fabric would look great too!


  1. Gteat post. I might just have to try this one. Haven't tackled stlnaps yet.

    1. Thanks! The plastic snaps are actually pretty easy to use! I get mine from kamsnaps.com and started with a hand press. Now I have a table press and it makes them even faster to install, with less hand cramps when I have a million to do at once. ;)


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