Wednesday, August 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday - Fast and Stylish Patterns Are Awesome!

It turns out the Sandra Saddle bag by Swoon IS a fast sew!  I didn't add any extra pockets (I resisted the urge but adding pockets is almost a compulsion at this point!)  I just need to finish sewing the birthing hole, then it's all done and can go on etsy!  I think I took one day to cut and fuse and then the equivalent of 1 day sewing (spread out over 3 days...)
Indoor at night picture...which didn't turn out too bad!

Mermaids on the inside!
I also have some lovely fabric that was sent to me without any guidance given for how it had to be used...which sounds awesome in theory, but in practice, I came up with about 10 different patterns I could use it with...and I only have 2 weeks to finish whatever I make.  I finally decided last night to go with a pattern that I didn't have yet (because why would I use one I already own??)  and got all the pieces cut out.  I'm really hoping for a fast sew for that as well, since this is one that will end up being a prize for a drawing!  Now I just need to remember where I stashed my invisible magnets for 'safe keeping'...
There will be a lot more about this fabric later!  Springs Creative Small Wonders

I dug into my stash of embroidery patterns and finally made one that my youngest has been asking for on and off.  I don't know why she's obsessed with fans, but ever since I stitched this one, she's pestered me to do one in 'her' fabrics...better get that on my machine asap!

Pattern is from Bobbin For Appliques

WIP: (Stuff sitting out on my work area and taking up space)



Freesia Foldover Bag by Blue Calla jumped the line.  I've had a lot of line jumpers lately...

Cross body strap on the Boronia's not that much work, but I keep procrastinating.

Sandra Saddle Bag - Mermaid style - Nearly finished, just needs some hand sewing!

Wisteria Wallets - Need to work on the 2 more that are ready to go!

March BOM - Pirate BunnyBeard just needs his strap! - I picked up some new rivet tools to set the crystal rivets better, and domed ones, so maybe he'll get that for his strap!

Random stash challenge - one kiss clutch 98% done! - Still needs the metal accent forced onto the flap.  Abby's Alley is next, but I need to remember where I 'put away' the fabric while I was cleaning...

Embroidered pillow covers - need to cut a back piece after I figure out if I'm doing a zipper or envelope closure...I'm thinking of using my invisible zippers and doing another one from the same set of far the fish is in the lead for what will be stitched next.  Still procrastinating because I don't want to have to lint roll the entire sewing area after I cut my next piece.  Not even exaggerating.

Sedimental Quilt- working on binding while I watch TV

May Bag of the Month- Swoon Brooklyn - I think I'm going with a Doctor Who random toss fabric that glows in the dark and blue glitter vinyl.

Brandt's Boulevard in sugar skulls, another one in "Girly" fabric for a later date

Crayon rolls - keep sewing my cut ones, I have so much awesome fabric for these! - new quilting foot is going to make this slightly faster, so hopefully I can start cranking out a ton and be prepared for Christmas!


Giraffe photographer is coming along, one horn and two ears in!

Sea turtle lovey - Shell needs attached to body and then put together with the blanket!

Mermaid lovey - Sea blanket is done, head is done (no hair), started on tail. Giant head is kind of freaking me out, so I need to finish her!  - I really want to redo her head smaller, it's probably too big for the blanket...


Pokemon snap tabs - all cut out thanks to car appointments that lasted several hours... still need snapped, and taken to a local game shop!
Hooded towels are jumping into the queue because I found some adorable pokemon ones and towels on sale at Target...
Keep cutting out my backlog of bows and keychain.  I didn't cut out everything in my stash, so I need to keep working on them!
Stitch out more couch pillows (and finish them) - I'd like to get the pillow forms out of my craft area and onto the couches!
More patches!

NIL (Next in Line-Things I plan on and want to do, but haven't gotten around to yet...)

Finish the Owl Epiphany purse
Lotus Purse
Crayon Rolls - These never end
Rosie Tsum Tsum purse
Tulip pouches (from this free pattern!!)
January Bag of the Month (Backgammon Bag) - Either in some Effervescence fabric or maybe the Zelda stained glass fabric
Quilted pillow covers - Sasquatch fabric is ready to go, just need some spare time!

UFO (Unfinished Objects that are already started but I have no set time to work on and don't want to forget about them forever!)

Cowls - just need buttons and ends woven in.  Giving up on the one a month plan until it gets closer to craft season. - Guess what, craft season is around the corner!
Bella II in Tula Pink Foxfield - outside is done, inside is cut and waiting for me to finish, already have someone that wants it!
Doctor Who Pick a Pocket - all the pieces are cut, just needs finished!
Goldfish Lovey - fish is made, bowl is mostly made, needs put together
Dragon Lovey - I have pieces and the blanket done
Serendipity Hip in MLP fabric with vinyl bottom

I love the picture that my youngest painted for me, it says "Happy Day"

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