My Favorite Online Shops!

These are just a few of my favorite places to shop, I hope it helps you find what you are looking for!

Purse patterns:

ChrisW designs
Emmaline Bags
Sewing Patterns by Mrs. H
Blue Calla

Embroidery patterns:

Bobbin for Appliques
Dejah Vue Designs
Embroidery Garden
Embroidery Designs - lots of freebies!
Miss Meggie (Formerly KM Designs) - Redwork designs
Urban Threads
The Bean Stitch
Ohana Appliques
Sewing for Sarah

Supplies: (fabric, hardware, interfacing,vinyl, etc)

Emmaline Bags (She also sells super cute hardware - like the Handmade tags!)
The Fabric Cobbler
Once Upon a Yard
Kam Snaps
Kimmy Snabric (more engraved Kam snaps and custom fabrics)

Sewing Patterns:

Made 4 Mermaids

And of course, if you want to buy something I've made, check out the Etsy shop, or email a request!

Tiger In a Tornado


  1. Where did you order the dog paw snap?

    1. I found them here


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