Monday, January 22, 2018

Tatspirational Annette by Swoon

I've been carrying my SuperWhoLock Sydney purse for a year now, and while I still love it, she's starting to show some wear and I'm ready to change up my style for a while.  I need a big purse, with lots of pockets, plus I have a stash of awesome fabric that I really bought for myself (but used my business as an excuse/justification). The search for the 'perfect' purse is never-ending but I think the Annette (affiliated link) is a good resting place!  I could use about a million more pockets on the outside, but I really like the clean look of this one and it's perfect for displaying amazing fabrics!
This side has some of my  favorites, Rapunzel, Lilo and Stitch, and Beauty and the Beast

My motto in life, Never Grow Up!
Love the rainbow zipper, totally matches!
Shoulder/cross body strap connector and Cinderella pocket
At first I was worried it would be too small, since in the pictures some of them look little...and even printing out the pattern pieces I was second guessing my choice.  I also printed the commuter size at 85% and was going to do that, but comparing the pattern pieces to the Sydney had me going back to the original purse size.  I really needed the Penny Inn and my planner to fit inside, and they looked like they might *barely* fit inside.  What I wasn't considering is that the top of this opens HUGE and the side pieces also add on some length.  My Penny Inn fits in perfectly!  Now once I have it jammed up with papers and random things that end up in my purse (like pairs of kid's socks, Nintendo 3DS's, extra wallets that belong to my kids...) it might be a little crowded, but I think I'll be able to fit a lot in there!
Zipper pocket inside
I was planning on doing the purse in some amazing Stitch fabric, but I didn't have the perfect vinyl to match, so my fall back was the Tattoo fabric.  I have a stash of this, so if I didn't end up liking the size, I wouldn't feel bad selling it!  Fortunately for me (and unfortunately for anyone that needs one ASAP) it is a great size and I'm totally in love with it!  I can definitely duplicate this purse, if anyone absolutely needs one just like it, or do it in any of my other amazing fabrics!
Bottom is glitter vinyl, might help repel some dirt...hopefully

For this purse, I added on a slip pocket inside to hold more stuff, but I think if I make another one I'd do a second zipper pocket instead.  I also left off the 'smile' strap holders because I just didn't like how much of the fabric they cover and it looked a bit strange to me.  I also want to lengthen the shoulder strap since they have a tendency to slide off my shoulder and I prefer cross-body!  It's still on my sewing pile, but the purse works great as a handbag for now!
I'm not a huge fan of the color orange, but this fabric is too awesome to waste!

Modified the strap connector to match the end strap connectors.  Did I mention I love my rivet dies!
Outside fabric is Tatspirational from MK* Designs (custom) and inside is Effervescence from Riley Blake.  I did buy an entire bolt of this rainbow fabric since it's matching EVERYTHING I'm making lately and it's awesome!  Glitter vinyl is from Once Upon a Yard, but they are phasing out their vinyl selection to focus on fabrics so my new go-to for vinyl is Punkbroidery (an hour from purchase to shipping on busy days?? They are magic!)
Pretty big purse, I bet you could fit around 100 lego figures inside!
My new model to show the scale of things...Batman in a speedo. 

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