Monday, March 26, 2018

Mermaid Essential Oils Pouches

When I got a request for an essential oils mermaid pouch, I had to start scouring the internet for patterns.  For some reason I thought they would be larger, but when I borrowed a bottle, I was amazed at how small it was!  These little pouches turned out great, once I gave up on the boxy pouch style!  I love this mermaid fabric, the colors are soft and remind me of sunrise.
Now I want a beach day...
This is truer to the real colors, and the mermaids are slightly different on each one

I had to make 2 of these pouches for a mother and daughter, with the mermaid fabric and different colors inside so they could tell them apart.  The mermaid fabric came from Knitorious fabrics (limited custom printing).  The lining for them is actually the same fabric by Alison Glass, just different colorways!  I even had some fold over elastic with mermaids on it, but only one color, so it didn't match both pouches.  (Rats!)
They really do make everything you can imagine!
Outside, the pouches have a wrist strap and zipper closure, inside there are elastic loops to hold up to 10 bottles (but really only 8 fit, so I'll change that on the next ones I make!).
My one bottle fit in snug, but the loops at the ends can't all be used

The pouches are padded, but not stiff so they can be opened up pretty wide!
I think this might be my next tutorial since I started writing it up as I made the pouches, and tried to take pics.  Just need to make sure the steps make sense and then I can share it!  If anyone needs to order one, that would definitely nudge me to finish the tutorial!
Batman has some swimming buddies!


  1. What size did it turn out to be? I would love s tutorial!

    1. I think the finished size was around 7"x 4" but I'll get a better measurement when I finish the tutorial!


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