Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Most Awesome Gifts EVER! Giant Squid Pillow and Mermaid Tail

My friends have complained that I'm too crafty, so they can never make stuff for me, but our cousin puts me to shame!  She makes the best gifts for my kids, and usually in just a few days!  I think she sleeps even less than I do!
So amazing to snuggle with.  Not what you usually think of when you hear "Giant Squid"

For my oldest daughter's birthday, she saw a link on Facebook for a giant squid pillow and asked me (2 days before the party) if that would be a good gift.  Um, YES!  And being the crazy crafter she is, she made a GIANT squid pillow in just 2 days!!  I've never seen a teenager smile that much in one day!  And to add to her insanity, she's selling them on our etsy shop now.  You can get your very own fleece giant squid here
Squid Attack!
Then for the last birthday, my youngest decided last minute to change to a mermaid party and I was lamenting the fact I wouldn't have time to crochet her a mermaid tail.  In steps the awesome cousin and knits a mermaid tail, again in about 2 days!  It's super cuddly yarn, with a hint of sparkle and so fun!  I don't know if she's going to try selling them too, but if she does, they are amazing!


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