Tuesday, July 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Procrastination!

I am SO close to finishing the Tula Pink purse, but I only have a small amount of the pink glitter vinyl left, so I really don't want to screw up the handles...which is causing indecision as I try to figure out how to make them...which means I haven't made any progress on it since Friday!  And since I want to finish it, I am refusing to jump over it to another project, so nothing much is getting finished.

I did manage to stitch out a few things on the embroidery machine at least...I'm not sure the colors are right for the Mario bow, but it's the closest I had!  Maybe I should buy ALL the colors of felt!  And more thread to coordinate.  ;)

I hope Harry Potter fans like the bows, I enjoyed the books and movies, but I'm not enough of a super fan so I had to look up the right colors.  And hope that my felt is close enough! (another reason I need ALL the felt colors!)

And then I did this butterfly in glittery lavender vinyl.  I pretty much LOVE it!!  Next I think I'll try it in a dark blue glitter with white details, or maybe silver...  And I really need to get some of these listed, just in case anyone is interested in their very own bows!


Sewing - 

Tula Pink Purse just needs handles!
Swap - only have 9 days to start and finish it, so I should probably get moving on that!

Crochet - 

Shark tail in progress.  Super bulky yarn goes pretty fast, but it also goes through the yarn pretty fast too!
Back to finishing up loveys after I get tired of, er I mean FINISH, the shark tail


Need to stitch out all my bows for samples for etsy.  That could take a while since I currently have at least 50 different ones.

Make a few quicker purses for the etsy shop/craft fairs.  I'm thinking that the Tula Pink fat quarters should be turned into more Kiss Clutches or Pick a Pocket Wallets!

Quilts - I still have the urge to make 2 quilts, and the fabric for them is coming in soon so I need to clear my sewing plate!

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