Monday, June 9, 2014

In The Hoop Embroidery -- Who knew embroidery machines could do so much??

I really love my new embroidery machine.  Have I mentioned that this week?  REALLY love it.  Really really REALLY.  Besides doing awesome designs, I discovered that it does this neat thing that the 'professionals' (what I consider anyone who has been doing a skill long enough to know more than me!) call "In the hoop" projects.  Mine is only a tiny hoop, so I can only do small projects, but there are some out there that can make purses entirely on their embroidery machine!  With zippers! (insert amazed face here)

Even limited to my 4x4 hoop area, I have still managed to make some fun bows from the Bobbin for Appliques patterns.  I planned on making a few for the etsy store, but so far they've all been claimed before I could even get that far! 

(My first one, using some felt I stole, er, borrowed from my oldest)

(Remind you of anyone? Say a certain Doctor Hooves?)

(I was informed the cat needed his picture taken with the bow on.  I just do what I'm told.)

(Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash inspired bows)

(Princess Celestia, more swirls and a Grumpy Cat inspired bow)
I have several other patterns that I can't wait to try out, just need to find the time and right felt colors!  These were all made using the sheets of felt I found at Hobby Lobby, Joann's and Walmart.  I noticed the ones at Joann's seem a little thicker, but they also cost like $0.08 more!  The horror!!  ;)

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