Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Pattern Testing - Big Girl Briefs by SergerPepper

I will start this off with saying that I rarely make clothes.  Two main reasons, first is that I can usually buy pretty nice stuff for cheap, so why waste my time on stuff like that when I can make fun bags and totes? And second, knits and I do NOT get along.  Now if I were to take the time to follow all the tips and tricks that abound on the internet I'd probably have much better luck, but it's just not something that usually interests me.  That being said, I had the opportunity to test for SergerPepper and decided to step outside my comfort zone.  The pattern was a simple and fast one, so I hoped I wouldn't screw it up too bad. 

(Super soft and comfy!)

First up, find the materials.  She suggested upcycling an old t-shirt, so I pulled one out of my donate bag and decided to try that.  I still needed some super stretchy fabric, so I headed to Joann's and bought 4" of a spandex/cotton blend.  Yes, you can buy only 4" of fabric!  Don't worry, I also bought a yard of something else, so they wouldn't look at me in disgust when I only bought one little strip of fabric.  ;)  The accent fabric on these is just some cotton, so I dug into my stash and found some cute chevron fabric that mostly matched.  I also had some clearance woven/stretchy white cotton I used for the lining that is too open for really anything else.

I made size 4 for my tiny almost 5 year old and they fit PERFECTLY.  I convinced her to try them on, and her first comment was "You need to wash these so I can wear them tomorrow.  Or can I wear them now?"  Even now she's looking over my shoulder and asking if I'm writing about HER underwear.  LOL!

I made the lower waistband version and they were a great fit, true to the measurements!  Head over to her blog SergerPepper and there is a discount code good until Friday June 27th, so if you feel the need to make some quick and comfy undies, pick up the pattern!


  1. thank you so much Rachel for your sweet review!

    1. Thanks for letting me test! It really is a great pattern! Now I just need to practice with that type of fabric to make it even better!


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