Monday, July 14, 2014

More Fun with the Embroidery Machine - Bows Galore and More!

Sometimes when I do a craft, after the first run I'm finished.  It was a new skill I learned, and it was fun to do (usually), but not something I see myself doing regularly, if ever again.  Not so with these bows.  I can't get enough of them, and they are so fun to make!  I also started using sheets of glitter vinyl (found mine at Hobby Lobby, next to the felt) and that opens up a whole new world of materials!  And then I found out that I could do them in fabric (Duh!) which means I may soon have bows of every fabric I least the ones with cute little patterns. 
(Inspired by an ice queen - Pre gluing, excuse the pin)
(Remind you of a certain doctor that works on stuffed animals?)

(The bows will either fit on a headband or a hair clip, and they are interchangeable!)
 (Teensy fabric bow!)

(More fabric bows!)

(Larger bow on a headband, very sparkly!)

(A few I turned into headbands instead of bows)
Not only have I been having fun with the bows, I found felties on the same website and my girls demanded I get the sleeping fox.  I'm going to try him in all vinyl soon, I need one to carry on my keychain because he's so adorable!
(Shhh! He's sleeping!)
 And the latest thing I've been working on is the sudden obsession my youngest has with Frozen.  She watched the movie several times when it came out, but just two weeks before her birthday she decided that she NEEDED a Frozen party and anything she sees that has any relation to the movie.  Soon I'll be working on a dress for her, but in the meantime I found a cute pattern for finger puppets.  They fit on the tongue depressor sized sticks, so they are not small!  And they use a LOT of thread, but she loves them!
For the birthday party I decided to make these crowns.  I'll share more about them after they (and the party) are finished!  I think they are a hit, she hasn't taken the first one I finished off except to sleep!

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