Monday, May 12, 2014

A fast little baby crochet hat

I had a chance to make a little hat for a new baby, and I love this pattern!  Shell Stitch Beanie is a fast and cute hat, and I made the flower from the link at the bottom of that post.  I only did the first 4 rounds, but I am not a fan of GIANT flowers on tiny hats.  Big flowers are cuter than giant, I think anyway... This is actually the second one I've done, but of course I can't find the pictures of the first. 
 (actually a pretty good shot of the true yarn color!)

I used Simply Soft by Caron in Rose (I think?) for the hat and a sparkly white for the flower (something baby from Hobby labels seem to disappear like magic).  When making the flower, if you are going to sew it onto the hat (versus a removable pin/clip) I would suggest leaving a LONG tail (at least 12 inches).  And when you fasten off, leave another long tail for sewing the bottom petals down.  I left the inner petals un-sewn and just attached the middle.  A cute button would fit perfectly in the center, but I was trying to get this done quickly!

This hat took me under 2 hours, including sewing the flower on!  That's like a record for me!

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