Wednesday, October 28, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Costume crunch time!!

So for all my plans of starting 'early' I instead waited until 4 days before I needed the costumes finished...I can still do is going to be my BBFF (bestest best friend forever) this week...
Wonder clips really are a wonder!
The quick costume piece award goes to Anna's hat from Frozen.  I found a tutorial HERE that is awesome, as long as your child has approximately a size 8 head.  Or is 'child sized.'  The headband is a genius idea to keep it in place!  I used thick felt that was leftover from the cloak (which I didn't have to make! Thanks Kendra!!)  I also got to use some of my fancy sewing machine stitches, which was fun!
Late night picture, on top of the next cloak fabric...
 For the cloaks, we decided that glow in the dark embroidery thread would be awesome...but the downside is that they only come in tiny spools, and for future reference, they only make 1 1/2 dragons per yeah....more thread was needed to finish.  These are super stitch dense patterns from, but they look so amazing in person!  I tried to get a glowing picture, but my phone wasn't having any of that... I also stitched them on extra fabric so I didn't have the 'ruined the entire cloak' possibility.  Then they were sewn on as patches over the shoulders. 
Each dragon is the 4"x4" size, and I used my machine to mirror the pattern
Also important to note, cloaks are GIANT.  The kid's size Medium (10-12) fit me.  And I'm a woman's size 12-14.  It was a little tight on the neck, and short on the length, but that was it!  Even the sleeves fit me.  I'm very glad now that I didn't try to cut down the adult sized one to fit my 8 year old....  Once I finally got it hemmed (and trimmed a bit) it fits him fine.  All I have left to do is sew on the button.  I offered to make him a custom button with some of my leftover Time and Space scraps, and he thought a 'custom' button was the most amazing thing ever!  LOL!

The last cloak is halfway done, needs fitting for the sleeves and length, then the mini cape part and hood sewn on...and all the edges sewn.  I hate hems.  When I asked my oldest if she really needed it hemmed, she said "Don't you love me?"  I told her, "Of course I love you, but do I 'hem' love you?  I'm just not sure..."  :D  (I actually do 'hem' love her, in case you were worried)

I need to finish these costumes so I can get back to my regularly scheduled madness!  I've sold a few crochet hats recently, so that means I needed more yarn, right?  Look at these pretty colors!!  Most are cotton or cotton blend, but there is some amazing hand dyed alpaca blend yarn and a super soft cotton/bamboo blend that are both calling my name!  I think it's time for a new hat for me!

WIP/UFO list


Last Cloak!
Bella II purse - Still needs the lining
Epiphany - Need to fix the topstitching and attach the straps - waiting for hardware
Doctor Who wallet - need to figure out where I stopped and restart it

Harry Potter Concealed Carry Purse - Supplies are showing up, so that should be jumping the list soon!
Vinyl Nora - I have this on the list for a co-worker and I really should get it finished!


Yoda coffee cup cozy needs sewn together
Shark tail blanket might need frogged and restarted to make it slightly smaller...
Need to go through my bags of projects again to see what needs finished, I'm already forgetting!

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