Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Time to stop procrastinating, I guess...

I had big plans to work on the Halloween costumes ALL month, and now that I have 8 days to finish them, panic is starting to set in...which is when I seem to work best!  Soon my sewing area will be covered in giant cuts of fabric that will hopefully turn into cloaks in the very near future.  And there will also be an Anna hat from felt, time permitting...
Adult sized hat, haven't done one of these in a while!
 At least I finished a hat last night, so that is one thing off my (never ending) list!

An order of these little coloring stuffies jumped the line for sewing as well, but I am mostly caught up now!  Except for a few purses...
Hot off the embroidery machine
I am pretty proud of my oldest, the crafting gene is strong in this one!  She is making teeny crabs to sell and has already gotten a few orders!  She's excited (or as excited as a teenager is allowed to get, which isn't much...)
Anyone need a case of crabs?

Once I finally get finished with the cloaks and have a chance to sit down, I have this crafting book waiting for me!  I might need a tiny crochet Picard for my desk...



 - Cloaks, cloaks, cloaks!!  One will have embroidery on it, as long as the machine doesn't freak out and eat it or something...

-Anna hat - need to find some faux fur trim and other trim, but using felt means it should go fast!  (Hope I didn't jinx myself..)

-Epiphany Purse - finally ordered the rest of the hardware for it, so I can finish it!

-Bella II - I swear I haven't forgotten about this purse!  Still needs the lining sewn, and I think I have the hardware for it.

-Concealed Carry Purse - Ordered the fabric and hardware, waiting for it to arrive!

-Nora - just need some spare time!

- crayon rolls - I have a craft fair in 3 1/2 weeks and need to finally finish these!


 -shark tail blanket might need ripped out, otherwise the finished blanket is going to be more whale-like than shark like, and also able to cover large weigh about 20 lbs...

-Pinkie Pie hat - just needs tails woven in and the patch glued on!

-Star Wars coffee cozies - have supplies to make Yoda and an Ewok, just need time!

-Finish some cowls/hats for the craft shows!

Oh and hey, guess what?  Christmas is coming.  *cue scary music*

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