Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Messenger bags - a happy little family!

I love messenger bags, they are roomy, fast to make, and fun!  Recently I finished 2 more, so here is my 'family' of messenger bags.  I feel like there is a Poppa, a Momma, and a Baby bag...

The two big bags are a pattern I cobbled together from various free internet patterns.  They include an inside zipper, plus a plethora of pockets.  (I love that word.  Makes me feel fancy to say it)

The smaller one is from this kid sized messenger bag tutorial and was very fast to make!  I added in a zippered inside pocket to that, just to give it a little something extra. 

(Tiny strap is perfect sized for a 2-4 year old, might make it longer for my almost 5 year old if she wanted to wear it across)

(Used a 7" jeans zipper I picked up on clearance)

Be on the lookout for a tutorial for the bigger bags, along with more pictures!

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