Friday, December 13, 2013

2014 Quilting Goals

Andrea from The Champ Life  is doing a 2013 Inspiration Palooza (plus giveaway!), so here's my goals for 2014!!

1. Finish Mario Quilt-a-long.  I have 2 blocks done so far, and I started them in 2012...

2. Summer weight quilt for our queen sized bed

3. Overcome my fear of free motion quilting, which means practicing.

4. Get my oldest to finally commit to a video game quilt and help me design it.  Probably in the style of the Mario quilt, with lots of tiny blocks.

5. Make a few baby/doll sized quilts to practice different techniques.

My favorite quilt of the year...I only did 2, but I loved them both!  One was a Pirate baby quilt, and was very fast, but super cute!  The other one I might love a little tiny bit more, just because it was even faster to make than the baby quilt.  It is a full sized Star Wars giant star quilt for my son.  I did the top in record time, and sent it off to a pro to have it quilted.  She made it AMAZING!  (THANKS HEIDI!!) There are hyperdrive lines coming off the star, with swirls in the star itself and stars and swirls on the border.  The back is flannel, so nice and cozy! 

(Quilt top, without the borders - 16 blocks that are around 18" each)

(Back from the quilter, my youngest photobombed it!)

(The gorgeous quilting!)
My other favorite sized Pirate Quilt!
(After washing, so nice and crinkly!)

(back is a pirate map!)


  1. Both quilts are awesome!! The pirate map is way too cool on the back of that quilt. :) Thanks for linking up with me!

    1. Thanks for inviting me to join, hopefully it will keep me on track next year!


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