Monday, December 2, 2013

Crochet Hats

I started crocheting to make blankets for my babies since my Grandmas made me special blankets and I wanted to continue the traditions.  That took me FOREVER, so when I discovered hats, and how I could finish them in months instead of years (yeah, I was that slow, no lie) it was like a new world. Pretty yarn led to simple hats.  Baby hats went super fast (only one day!!)

(this one reminds me of the cat in the peel pic that was going around for a while)

(it's a sock monkey, not a pig.  I promise)

(Toddler Rapunzel is a fan of my work)

(this one was perhaps the hardest of them all to make, stupid fuzzy yarn)

tiny elf hat 

Then I discovered the amazing 'character' hats and how much more fun they were than just plain hats.  Except for the sewing together the pieces.  That wasn't fun.  My son is the only one that requests these hats, but I've gotten many compliments and comments on them, so I feel like it was worth the sweat and muttering that some of them caused...

My first hat that I came up with, and made my own design for was a Nemo hat for my son.  Each fin, stripe, and eye was a separate piece and it probably took me longer to sew them all together than to crochet the pieces.

Since then I've done a few, mainly minions and one Hello Kitty hat that was requested, worn for 5 seconds, and then relegated to the closet.  Glad I spent time on that one.  :|

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