Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Boxy Cross Body Bag

After making several totes and purses from patterns and tutorials, I decided to try my own.  I based it off of a few I had seen around the internet, they looked pretty simple, but still had a few good features.  My first attempt I planned for my IPad, so I lined it with flannel for protection, but since it was my first one, I made it with less expensive material I found at Wal-Mart.  I made matching bias tape to hide where I sewed the zipper straight onto the sides of the bag, something I fixed in later versions.

(The fabric has glitter on it and is very bright and bold.  I had someone ask if it was a Vera Bradley!!)
(Inside pocket ended up being too small to hold much of anything)

The next one was for my sister-in-law that loves purple.  I made the front pocket a little bigger, the inside pocket bigger, and the zipper is more finished, with a tab on the end.  This is probably fabric I found at Joann's...I can't remember where all my fabric is from anymore!

(Pretty purple batik fabric!)

(Not sure what my camera did the to the fabric colors, but you can see I lined the pocket with the lining fabric)

(Dark inside picture - sorry this is a few cameras ago!)

After doing those two, I took a break from the pattern, but when I got involved in a swap for Christmas, and saw a similar purse on her Pinterest board, I decided to make one more.  This time I went out of my usual color zone and picked yellow and grey (her favorite colors).  The chevrons weren't too bad to align, but I did switch the direction of the pocket for that reason.

(Not usually a fan of yellow, but this grew on me!)

(I left the zipper tab off of one end, so it can open wider)
 And just because I felt it was a little plain, I did some decorative stitches on the zipper gusset and added a zipper pull.
(It needed a little something, so I made a shrinky dink zipper pull.  MUSTACHE!!)


  1. Your bags look great! How exciting that you're beginning to "design" on your own. :) I think your zipper pull is awesome--I was contemplating that very idea a couple of days ago, and when I saw yours, I knew it was one to try. Yours is just perfect for the bag you made.

    Just an FYI--I'm not a professional photographer, but I can tell you what worked for me when I was photographing something purple (the color went weird on me, too). When I had green grass as the backdrop, the color was bluish, but when I had a bright pink in the background, the color was much truer. Kinda made me wonder if there was a correlation (I'm sure there is).

    The Christmas swap sounds fun, too! :)


    1. Thanks! It's just a simple pattern, I just see so many awesome patterns I want to try, so there's not a huge need for me to design my own. ;)

      Don't forget to seal your zipper pull! I did mine with sharpie and it was rubbing off on my hands, so I put clear nail polish on it. Probably a real sealant would work even better!

      Thanks for the tip, I'm sure I'll be taking lots more purple pictures in the future since it's one of my favorite colors! ;)


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