Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ravenclaw Purse, or all things Potter

My friends and I try to make gifts for each other's children, when possible.  Usually we double check their interests, and try to find something fun to make. (And then we run out if time so only about half the time do the handmade gifts get finished.)  This last birthday was for a Harry Potter fan. She was sorted into the Hufflepuff house, so yellow and black became the colors or choice.

(Hedwig and purse)

  I found an awesome embroidery design, for a wizards heartbeat that I knew I wanted to use. Consulting with her mom (one of my bff's) led to deciding a purse would be the most useful for her. Next choice was which purse pattern would be best for a 14 year old. I found a free pattern on sew4home, that used an interesting assembly method and had a unique look to it.  I needed to showcase the embroidery, so I decided to add outside pockets. Then I learned that kam snaps do some specialty snaps so I set about to find some of the awesome Deathly Hallow snaps for a finishing touch. I'm not a huge fan of the construction method of this purse, I feel like it is not as finished as I usually make them, but I do like the style and shape.

(Kam Snap with Deathly Hallows symbol)

(Inside has a slip pocket, with a portion sewn smaller to hold a wand.  Or a pen if you leave the wand at home)
To top it off, my daughter crocheted a Hedwig owl.  She made her own pattern and still managed to finish it in 2 straight days of crocheting. She's offered to share the pattern, but want me to add a disclaimer -- pattern was made by a 13 year old, so it's probably not perfect! Lol!

(Back pocket)
Special thanks to Heather at Bobbin for Appliques, she helped me with the wording and got a quick Golden Snitch feltie finished so I could add it to the back of the purse.  You are AWESOME!!
(Golden Snitch and another Harry Potter snap - glasses with a lightning bolt!)

(I think she did a GREAT job on the owl!! It was a perfect companion gift!)

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