Thursday, February 5, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Still more of the Sugar and Spice bag!

Yep, still working on my bag.  I haven't had much time yet this week to finish it, but I WILL finish it!  It taunts me every time I walk past the table.  I've checked the straps to make sure they will be a good length, started cleaning off the ironing board (and then piling more stuff on it and cleaning it off again), and haven't lost the rivets (again), so it's just a matter of sitting down and finishing!

(I figured everyone was getting tired of the purse pictures since they aren't really changing much right now)

One of the things (well, technically two) that is slowing me down is gifts for a baby shower.  I still haven't put the pieces together for the princess lovey, and I have a hat half finished.  It seems that trying to do a pattern when you are tired, have a kid climbing on you, and are somewhat watching a sports game is not a good idea.  The hat ended up being too small for the little doll that was sitting on the couch beside me.  I know babies have small heads, but not THAT small!

The pattern for the hat is one I've made several times and it is fast and cute (usually!)  Little Sister Hat is fancy without being 'too' fancy.  I don't usually make the flower for the baby sized one, but I have made them before.  I could use one of my embroidery machine flowers actually....hmmm.... maybe I should!

Technically the princess lovey could be my UFO, since I've already started another project...but I think of UFO's as things that I forget about until searching for something else and then I unearth it from the bottom of the pile.  Like Indiana Jones discovering an amazing artifact in the depths of a jungle ruin.  I could be a craft archaeologist!  Just need to find a pattern for a fedora...

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