Thursday, December 3, 2015

Pattern testing - Brandt's Boulevard Wallet by ChrisW Designs

Yay, a new pattern!!!  This one is part of ChrisW's new "Easy Street" line, and compared to other patterns, it IS easy!!  (*cough*Penny Inn*cough*)  This is a fast sew that gives a very nice finish, I had orders for several before I could even share it on any sort of social media!  The wallet still holds quite a bit, including a phone (I think the largest one I tested was the Samsung Galaxy 6s, in a case).

I was able to shop my stash for all the fabrics!
A Samsung Galaxy S2 in the pocket, plenty of room for a bigger phone!

4 card pockets, 1 ID pocket, and a pocket behind them all on the right side, 2 slip pockets and a zippered pocket on the left side!

You can get the pattern HERE!  And be sure that you sign up for the newsletter, there is always a discount code for release day!  (and check out the other Easy Street pattern that is also being released, Abby's Alley Tote!  Not one I tested, but I plan on making one...eventually! Or get both and save!)

There are a few strap options; you can do either a wrist strap, cross body strap, or no strap at all!  With a little bit of imagination and knowledge of pockets, you could add more card slots (instead of the zipper pocket) or change things around to fit what you want.  I still haven't made my strap; it is on the list but I put away my black fabric before I remembered to cut a cross-body length piece.
I used a non-fusible stiff Pellon for the main interfacing, so that is why my fabric has a little 'bubble' there.  if that bothers you, go ahead and use fusible web or fusible Pellon to stick it down when you do your final fit.  It's not as noticeable in person.

This pattern took me less than a day to cut and make, which makes it great for craft shows!  The outside uses just a square of the feature fabric, which is great for using up scraps!  I really like to use a contrast for the strap (another scrap), and I have one on my list for a 'racing stripe' closure that I'll try to make into a tutorial.  The small size means that even if you have a crazy print, it's small enough that you can go with it and not feel like it's 'in your face' crazy.  (I'm sure you've never seen any purse that makes you wince because of how bright/busy/colorful it is....)  I used the left over Tula Pink grey daisy fabric for my lining.  One yard was enough for both the inside of the Nora and this wallet!

My version of the pattern test used a previous ID measurement, so in the 'real' pattern the window has a more finished look.  My version of the ID pocket is kind of huge but the plastic window grips the ID and keeps it in place even though it is technically upside down when you have the wallet closed.  The card pockets are snug enough to keep stuff from sliding out, too.
Phone pocket is easy to access, but secure with the closure!
'upside down' and the card didn't even slip...

I can't wait to see more of these showing up on my sewing table (and then etsy!) and in the ChrisW fan group!


  1. Fine blog, Rachel. Your Brandt's Boulevard looks wonderful. Need to get my blogs written and up in the next couple of days.

    1. Thanks! I will be sure to check out yours for more inspiration!

  2. Love grey and pink together. Your wallet looks so pretty.


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