Thursday, December 10, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Mermaids, Christmas Trees, Bows Galore - Craft Show Insanity!

(Somehow Wednesday became Thursday thanks to all the crafting I've been staying up to finish!)  With the last craft show of the season quickly approaching, I'm doing my best to get as much finished so I can clear out some room in the sewing pile!  My latest fabric eater is the mermaid blanket, which is so fun and fast!  Made for Mermaids is giving away free patterns for the 12 days of Christmas and the very first one was a mermaid tail blanket!  Super cute and easy to personalize/modify/upsize for adults!  Or if you sew it with the tail open, and the waist band as tall as it can be, it ends up almost 5' long!! was supposed to be kid sized....and the top is actually a rectangle, not weirdly shaped like it looks in the pic

The 18" doll size is even faster and if you only make the 'small' kid size, it can be made from the scraps!

My kids wanted to try it on the dog, but I think he's a bit big...and also I didn't want him to bite me...
I still have piles of bows and comb toppers to cut out!

Christmas Tree hair comb toppers from Bobbin For Appliques
Tinkerbell bows with sparkly wings from Bobbin for Appliques
Plus I decided trying a new craft was the perfect thing to work on at the same time...Minky baby rattles!
Unstuffed, one more thing on my list to finish...Pattern is by Bobbin For Appliques
 And  I have been doing cute stuffed animals on my embroidery machine, they almost look like something you would buy at a store, but I can personalize them or make them in fun colors!

Stuffed but not sewn shut!  Adorable snow monster from Urban Threads
Of course there are always cowls galore to make...need to use up my stockpiled chunky yarn!
I love how chunky and warm these cowls are!
And just to make things interesting...I decided to test a little cute ornament while I was trying to get everything finished.  I am addicted to Neko Atsume  (Japanese cat collector mobile game) and need more things with these cute cats!
I think this might be going on MY tree!




Christmas Presents.  and orders.  and sleep.


I don't even want to think about it... :p

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