Monday, January 25, 2016

Kiss Clutch - Doctor Who Style!

I joined a handmade Christmas swap this year, on top of all the other million things I was trying to do, and decided to pick a fast gift to make at the last minute.  Kiss Clutch to the rescue!  I love this pattern so much!
Embroidered phrases on top of Joann's fabric

The fabric is some I found at Joann's, but I thought it needed something added on to make it awesome.  I didn't know which Doctor the recipient liked best, so I just did phrases from the 2 most popular.  And bonus, they were words I already had from ornaments, so I just had to cut them out of one file and paste them into a new one!

Front, opened
Inside I used the exploding Tardis fabric.  I meant to do a zipper and tutorial, but I didn't even have time for that since I waited until the last minute to finish this.  (I'm going to start a local chapter of the Procrastinator's Club, maybe tomorrow)
Inside is a little card sized pocket
One important thing to remember...make sure you have the right sized hardware BEFORE you cut your strap!  I didn't realize that I was out of 1/2" swivel hooks (I am pretty sure I used to have some...somewhere...)  This one works, but it would look much better with the right size strap!  At this point I was in a rush so I had to go with it!
3/4" hardware on a 1/2" strap. Oops!

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