Monday, October 18, 2021

WIP Monday - I Almost Got Caught Up...

 After a frantic week of Halloween accessory orders, I am almost ready to get back to the purse and other custom orders, but I feel like I just need maybe an extra week or 3 squeezed into October to really catch up. I also realized last week that I was only 2 months out from my craft show, which might seem like PLENTY of time to get stuff done, but really, it's not. 

I shared this around today because it is AWESOME. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Snow Wars Cheyenne Wallet

 The Cheyenne Wallet from iThink Sew was another new-to-me- pattern.  There isn't a lot you can say about wallets, so I'll just go straight to the pretty pics!

Flap side

Friday, October 8, 2021

Snow Wars Jelani (iThink Sew)

I have a lot of patterns in my collection, but sometimes a customer falls in love with a specific one that I don't own yet and I get to try a new designer! The Jelani from iThink Sew is a cute little bag, with some fun details!

With a sneak peek of the matching wallet!

Monday, October 4, 2021

WIP Monday - Catch Up Time

I haven't been taking in that many custom orders lately, mainly because every time I think I'm almost caught up, either a bunch of etsy orders come in, or preordered fabric finally arrives, or I get sucked into a book and lose a day (or 2). I can't stop reading, it's the only thing keeping me (mostly) sane at this point, so something has to get pushed back, and that's usually taking new orders.  That being said, I'm actually starting to get through a bunch of orders!

Need to stitch up the remaining blankets in my stash, as soon as the machine is done with the current vax orders...

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Heroes H2O to Go Sling and Book Sleeve (Moon Beam Textiles)

 I'm not sure if you noticed, but EVERYTHING is moving slower through the mail lately, including the awesome fabric from Moon Beam Textiles. I had to rush to make some examples and even with that, STILL barely made it by the end of the round! It closes today (unless we can beg for an extension!) so RUN to get your order in! 

H2O and Book Sleeve, perfect for on-the-go!

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Magic Lands Commuter Annette (Swoon)

The final Annette from Swoon Patterns (aff link) in my run was a GIANT one! This is the first time I've made the commuter size, and I had no idea how large it really was.

That's a big bag.

Friday, September 24, 2021

WIP Friday - Fall!

We actually had some cooler temps and all of the sudden it's downright chilly in the mornings! I expect it will get hot again at least for a little while, but that means Halloween is right around the corner! My kids have outgrown the school parties and costume age, so no more last minute sewing a costume the night before school -- at least until they decide that costumes actually ARE cool and then come up with even more elaborate ones that involve special effects or fancy fabrics...

The latest round from Moon Beam Textiles is already open, just got in the strikes last night so time to bust out a quick purse!