Thursday, March 6, 2014

Fun little gifts for kids!

I recently had the chance to make a few birthday presents, so I thought I'd share them now that the kiddos have gotten their gifts!

First up was a 'real' wallet for a boy turning 4!  He requested one 'Just like Dad's, except with a zipper'  So I modified the tutorial over at Modestmaven to include a box zipper.

(Inside has card pockets and the zipper pocket)

(Closes with a snap! out of focus, but the only picture I took...oops!)
(Pocket for the cash!)

(I didn't screw the zipper up and it was a LOT easier than I feared it would be!)

 And after making him a wallet, he of course needed something to carry it in!  Since we had the discussion that boys don't really get purses, he ended up with a 'manly' messenger bag!  (Satchel is also a valid name for a man-bag, fyi)  This one is from the tutorial at Merrimentdesign.

(Got to use my decorative stitches on the handle, very fun!)

(Inside with zippered pocket)

After making those for him, I had to make something equally cute for his little sister who was turning 2.  She needed her own crayon roll, and a bag to carry it in!  It couldn't just be a boring bag, so I found some sheer and sparkly fabric, then put it over the top of a pretty pink print.  Add in matching ribbon for the straps, and viola, cute and easy drawstring backpack!

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