Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Mini Hobo Bag

When I think of hobo bags, I picture something big enough to carry a small child, or possibly the kitchen sink.  This "mini" version is only 15" tall (including handle) and  16" wide which is still a good sized purse! I found a free pattern at Flamingo Toes blog and printed out the pattern. It makes a giant bag, so I trimmed the pattern.  I took the extra off the bottom and the middle so I could keep a nice curve to the purse. 

(Purse is empty so it's hard to make it nice and stretched out)

I did the embroidery before I cut out the bag, that way I could make sure it was perfectly centered and straight.  I'm pretty sure you can do that even on cut pieces, but I'm not that skilled yet.  ;)

(True color of the purse, for some reason it took on a purple tint in half of my pictures!)

The request for this purse also asked for a different handle, and only 14" long total.  When I made the strap, it seemed super short, but it worked perfectly with the size of the bag and the recipient (she's only around 5' so a giant bag makes her look silly - her words, not mine!)  For the handle I cut a piece that was 8" wide by 16" long, then folded it in half, folded the edges in, put a piece of 4"x14" batting inside (centered on the fabric), and sewed it shut.  That gave me a handle that was 2" wide and 16" long with the unfinished edges.  After the purse was together, I folded the strap openings down inside the bag and stuck the handle in, then sewed them together.

(True color inside, the zipper IS purple!)
I added in a slip pocket on one side and a recessed zipper pocket on the other side, to give some storage.  If I make another one, I might make a tutorial on my changes.  I also didn't do the zipper closure, instead I put in a magnetic snap, which was MUCH easier!
(Open - still not sure why it looks purple!)

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