Friday, October 24, 2014

This and That...Random finishes

Some weeks/months it seems like I never finish anything, but I really do!  These are just some pictures of random things I've been finishing up in the past week or 2.  I'm trying to build up variety for all the upcoming craft shows, but I have no idea what is going to be popular, so I am doing little bits of a lot of stuff.

Lots of ITH items...

Owl hand sanitizer holders, these fit the Bath and Body Works ones perfectly!  Pattern is from Embroidery Garden.


These are little pockets, can hold gift cards, ID and a credit card for a girl's night out, and fit perfectly in a back pocket.  I'm thinking of adding a snap to the top of the white one, but I really don't think anything will fall out.  They are made from vinyl, so pretty sturdy too! - DejahVue Designs

Key chains and snap tabs.  Snap tabs are essentially key chain fobs that can also be attached easily to other stuff, like scissors! From DejahVue Designs

(Without the snap, I had to order more to match!)
(For an order, without the snaps or hardware attached)

More bow - Finally getting around to stitching out the ones I purchased this summer.  I always forget how much I like doing them until I start again!  Bobbin For Appliques designs

Chap stick holders.  These just make me laugh, so I had to make them!  Bobbin for Appliques design.

And finally, some more of the Ava cowls, with pretty buttons!
I can't decide what my favorites are, they are all so much fun to make!

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