Monday, June 27, 2016

Sugar Skull Style Brandt's Boulevard

This really is a fun pattern to make, and once I sit down and do it, relatively fast!  The pattern is Brandt's Boulevard by ChrisW Designs, part of her Easy Street line.

I wish the skulls were side by side and not offset!

The request for this one was for a teen that likes 'skulls, lots of colors, and bright' and going by the grimace of pain from my own teen that dresses in what I think of as 'geek ninja' (blends in with shadows and her surroundings, but has geek/nerd/ironic t-shirts), I think I got it right!  (now she will probably murder me in my sleep...or at least give me a disapproving glare)
The back

I broke into my stash of Michael Miller's Fairy Frost, it has just that extra level of shimmery goodness that was not too overwhelming with such crazy fabrics, but also not too boring!
Yay, I got the skull almost perfectly centered...almost.
And I just realized I used the tester pattern for this has the ID pocket as entirely vinyl, instead of fabric around the edges...oops!
Phone/money/stuff pocket
I didn't make any changes to the pattern, except realizing as I uploaded the pictures that I must have used the test pattern because my ID pocket is different.  I prefer the correct pattern one, for times where I get the entire wallet top-stitched and finished...and realize that I've left out the body stabilizer.  I had to rip out all the top-stitching, except by the vinyl because I didn't want to ruin it.  Stitching several times through vinyl can cause it to tear because it becomes perforated!
Yep, it still stares into my soul. 
 Still have 2 more of these on my list, but in the 'no rush' I'll be doing them last minute again, I'm sure!

And be sure to check out the pattern hack competition that will be starting July 1 for ChrisW designs!  Lots of awesome prizes!

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