Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pattern Testing - The Lunar Collection by ChrisW Designs

Once again I was lucky to be able to test a pattern for Christine before release - Her pattern for the Bag of the Month Club.  It's pretty AMAZING!  And because she's insane (in a good way!), there are THREE sizes to this pattern.  I went for the medium size (Half Moon) which is still large enough to pack for a trip to the Moon!  I'm definitely going to use this one as my carry-on the next time we take a trip, but since we don't travel that often, I'm not sure if I want to use it as my work laptop bag or my crochet project bag in the meantime... or just gaze at it and pet it... I thought about selling it, but I don't have any giant bags of my own...

Back with a slip pocket

Zip Pocket for the inside
This bag has a LOT of details and features, so if I ever make another one, it's not going to be a cheap bag!  I'm thinking between $150-200 for the medium size, which is out of most people's price range, so I doubt I'll be making tons of these any time soon...

For my bag, I cut into my Michael Miller Into the Deep fabric, which is one of my new favorite lines!

End pockets with drawstrings!
It's like a black hole for your stuff!
I added in the extra lining pockets (yay, more pockets!), which are so much neater than just plain slip pockets!
Before I put it all together...there are 3 pockets plus a pen slot!
True colors

The only things I skipped - no rivets (I was too lazy to find mine and also working on it late at night when people are sleeping and don't appreciate hammering)  I still have to make the base insert, but I haven't looked to see if I can find the plastic yet.  I also still need to tack the lining into the top seams to keep it from sagging, but it stays up pretty well without it.  I was just happy to have it 'good enough' for pictures before release day! 

This was my first time using the half moon magnetic closures from Emmaline bags...they look so neat that I want to use them on EVERYTHING now!
The back of the half moon magnet has lots of screws to hold it in place...also, SEA HORSES!

I also had to make my own double zipper, but it's really not that hard!  I found a tutorial video from Happy Okapi that shows how to easily add another zipper head.

My pretty zippers...out of focus.  Doh!
Wonder Tape.  A lifesaver.  Truly wonderful for zippers!

Soon these will have zipper pulls...when I decide on some perfect ones or commission some sea themed ones!
 One little trick for getting the drawstrings in easily...I used my elastic threader thing.  I'm sure it has a real name, but I call it the 'pulling stuff through thing' and usually forget I have it until I've spent 20 minutes trying to force something soft through a channel.  I used extra cording (24" for each side) and tied it in the center, put the pulls on (VERY IMPORTANT TO PUT THEM ON FIRST FOR THIS WAY!!) and then threaded the ends through the channels.

Pulling stuff through thing.  New official name.
End has a handy hook that will even close around small things

Step one - poke through the channel
Step 2 - poke the hook through the cord - I melted the end of my cording first to keep it together
Step 3 - pull and viola! Easiest part of the bag...
If you aren't a member of the Bag of the Month Club, you can still join and pick up all 6 patterns until June 30, or wait until July 1 and pick and choose which patterns you want to buy! (as long as the designers release them right away)  I still have to make January and May purses, but they are on my list and will get made as soon as I have a spare moment! (or someone orders one!)

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  1. Wonderful blog about a beautiful bag! Thanks for sharing. Loved your tip for getting the cords through their tabs. I need one of those gadgets!

    1. Thanks so much! I have had that thing forever and just happened to remember it this time!

  2. I found it on Amazon! Very cheap too :) Love your blog! I'm just learning about making bags and your work is very inspiring! Here's the link for the gizmo if anyone else is interested -

    1. I think I picked mine up at Joann's locally, but it was surprisingly cheap!

      Thanks so much! I started with simple bags and worked my way up to the challenging ones, but the designers give such great instructions that even the difficult bags are possible to make! If you ever get stuck, the Facebook groups are great for finding help!


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