Monday, January 16, 2017

Captain Bunny Beard - Polaris Bag by Sew Sweetness!

Early last year I decided that I would stay on top of the Bag of the Month club and actually get more of the patterns sewn, and on time!  (That didn't last very long...) One of the purses was the Polaris Bag by Sew Sweetness, and it's an adorable little purse!  It was pretty fast, but the curves with foam was a bit of a challenge because that was when Stormy (My Juki sewing machine) was starting to have some issues...I did finish the purse, but I never got around to attaching the handles to the purse.  Which is crazy because it was an easy finish!
He's sailing the stormy seas...
An excuse to use my skull and crossbones snap!
I finally sewed the handles on and got pictures of this adorable little purse!  The fabric is Tula Pink Making Waves from the True Colors line and it's perfect for the Urban Threads embroidery!  This bunny in a newspaper boat was the very first design I ever saw from Urban Threads and started the entire voyage that ended with me owning an embroidery machine!

The lining was scraps left over from the Pirate baby blanket backing, a fun map fabric!  In case you can't tell, I love pirates and sail boats...which is interesting since I live in a land-locked state... However, this purse is just too small for me to ever use, so it's going up on Etsy!  I hope it finds a good home!
Trying to get a shot of the skull and crossbones was not easy...
No pesky slip pockets to catch on your stuff as you shove it in...just one zippered pocket
It felt strange to make a non-adjustable strap...but very easy!
This little purse would be perfect sized for a fun date night, or a quick trip.  Or for a pirate loving kid!


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