Monday, January 9, 2017

SuperWhoLock Sydney by Swoon

I'm not a person to match my purse to my outfit, but sometimes I just feel like I'm ready for something new.  Usually I wear a purse for several months or even years, and I do have several purses I can switch between, but sometimes I just want something totally new (and it's a great excuse to try out my stash of pattern).  For this one, I decided to go for the Sydney by Swoon, which is a cross body style bag, with lots of fun details!  I love the Swoon purses because they have tons of style, but usually they don't have enough pockets for me!  This one breaks that mold with 3 pockets just on the outside!

I wanted this purse to be awesome, so I cut into my hoarded stash of fabric from Spoonflower.  I don't usually buy fabric from there unless I have an order, but they had a sale, so I picked out a few I really liked and then hid them in my stash until I had the perfect pattern.  For those who aren't a crazy fan like me, SuperWhoLock is a combination of three tv shows...Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Sherlock.
Back side has a large slip pocket, perfect for papers and books! - I left off the sewing in the center so it will hold flat papers
Top zips shut
The inside is some glow-in-the-dark Doctor Who fabric I found at Joann's (I only got a few yards, so I might need more!) and I really love it!  There are so many neat details, and all the white printing is what glows (Glowing Dalek and Cyberman head is only a little creepy...)  I tried to get a pic, but for some reason my camera doesn't like taking pictures in the dark without a flash...
Added in a slip pocket side and divided it to hold a pen and have 2 larger pockets
The only changes I made to the pattern were to increase the width by 1" (bottom, gussets and 1/2" added to each zipper piece for the top) and add in slip pockets inside.  The slip pocket is just like the back pocket, but I sewed it to have a 1" pen pocket near the center and 2 pockets.  I might not have needed to increase the width, but I'm using my Penny Inn wallet again, and it's HUGE.  It fits inside nicely, and I can even stick it in sideways and the top will still zip shut!  I'm looking forward to my next writing night, my ipad and keyboard will fit in nicely!  I might even be able to fit a laptop in there...maybe I'll try that later.  ;)  I also used flex foam instead of fusible interfacing, to give it a little more structure and protection when I'm carrying my ipad.  I fused the foam to the outside gusset pieces, the inside lining sides, and the outside bottom piece. 
Look at all that room!
The interior zip pocket - bag is turned through it!
The pattern calls for D rings, but I discovered these amazing triangle clips from Emmaline Bags and I love how they don't let the clips slip around.  The strap is removable, but I don't really see that happening.  I think it's more for 'cool hardware' factor, and it would be easy to replace the clips with a sewn in strap on a slider if I didn't have the right hardware on hand. 

For the pocket flaps, I decided to add some embroidery.  The designs are from The Bean Stitch, and they are snap tab designs that I used Sew What Pro to edit and remove the outline. 

Anti-possession symbol from Supernatural
Sherlock outline and quote.  Matching Snap tab available on Etsy!
Interior of the front pocket matches the lining, perfect for fast but secure storage!
Front pockets close with 2 magnetic snaps, and my Samsung Galaxy S7 fits in perfectly!
I really love this purse and I think it's going to be seeing a LOT of use!  I've had several people ask if I was selling it, so it may not be One-of-a-Kind for long!

It's hard to get a feel for how big this purse is, but my light box is more than big enough for it!

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