Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Owl Love - Epiphany by ChrisW Designs

Long, long ago (maybe last year?) I started to test the Epiphany Purse by ChrisW Designs...and I was nearly finished when my sewing machine decided to break several needles trying to do the final topstitching.  And by several needles, I mean about 9...putting the purse in time out helped me to not go through my entire needle stash, but it also meant that I moved on to new and more exciting projects and left the purse on the time out shelf for many, many months.  Part of my New Year's resolutions were to finish up my UFO projects, and this one is finally done!  My Juki HD3000 was able to finish the topstitching without breaking any more needles!
Shoulder straps are nice and long, but not too long.  ;)
The purse itself is actually pretty amazing, a great handbag size and perfect for an owl lover!  I like the solid and pattern contrasting pieces, but I really felt like it was almost too plain so of course I had to add on some embroidery!  The Owl is a design on Urban Threads, created by Tula Pink (matches her original Hushabye and the newer True Colors Owls!).  It is SUPER dense stitching and took at least an hour, but it looks so great when you finish!
Urban Threads awesome design!

The owl fabric is Tula Pink True colors, with a coordinating Kona solid I found either at Hobby Lobby or Joann's (they have different colors, but both carry Kona!) and the interior fabric is a grey with metallic dots that gives the fabric a little shimmer!
Almost needs another owl back here...

Outside it has the owl slip pocket and a zippered pocket on the back, but the inside pocket situation is pretty cool!  They are put together in a very unique way to create 3 pockets on the one side.  There is an option for a detachable cross body strap, but I must have been low on the solid color because the strap I cut was not really long enough for an adjustable strap and I decided to leave it off.
fun pockets!
Zippered top to keep everything inside...
This purse seems like a more traditional handbag style/shape but the addition of fun fabrics means that anyone could carry it!
Want this purse for your very own? Now available on Etsy!

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  1. I love it Rachel! Your choice of fabrics is exactly what I like!


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