Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hosta Hobo Camera Bag by Blue Calla

Sometimes when a new pattern comes out, I think "Oooh, that's sweet!" but I have no real reason to buy it right away...unless I share it on my FaceBook page and someone comments with an "I need it!" so then I obviously have to get the pattern!  The Hosta Hobo was one of those patterns, so awesome but I didn't NEED it.  But I wanted it...
Love the fabric, reminds me of night in the jungle!
I ended up making the large size, with the camera insert (oh, did I mention it can be a camera bag??) and while the pattern was not that complicated, for some reason my brain decided to go on vacation.  I'd like to blame it on starting the pattern while recovering from a cold, and the usual craziness of my life...
Ring attachment for the straps
Once I finally got the pieces sewn together the right way, it went together very nicely! One note I need to remember for the next time I make a large one - cut the zipper tape for the top to at least 16" so I have extra to work with.  I cut my first one too short, and then made it even shorter because I was trying to bust out the purse and misread the instructions.  Once that was fixed, it was pretty smooth sailing!
Slip Pockets
Zipper pocket
The Hosta would make a nice large purse, it has 2 outside zipper pockets, an inside zipper pocket, and 3 slip pockets inside.  When I added the insert, it became a lot more structured (2 layers of foam makes for a bag that doesn't crumple!) but still lightweight.  This one is for a cousin that is almost half a foot taller than me, so I made the strap longer than usual
Had to use the flash because this is some DARK fabric!  Insert inside the purse
For the insert, I decided that pinning the Velcro was for sissies, so I used fabri-tac to hold everything in place while I was sewing.  It worked great!  I did a very thin line, got the Velcro on straight, and then put my ruler with heavy scissors on top to squish it a little.  Then I hit it with a little heat from the iron (on the back side, so I didn't melt the Velcro) and sewed it in place.  That Velcro should NOT be coming loose...
Step 1:  sew the insert piece, find the fabri-tac glue
Step 2: thin line of glue, then put the Velcro on
Step 3: Squish, let dry a few minutes, and sew!.
Late night finish picture of the insert.  would also be a cute adjustable divided basket!
The fabric is Honeymoon Hot Springs by Cotton + Steel, and the inside is some space/star fabric I found at Joann's that perfectly matched.  The black is marine vinyl.
 This makes me wish I had a fancy camera to give me an excuse to make one for myself! 

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