Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Slim Fit Raglan Tee - Disney Version

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I have an aversion to making clothes.  Getting them to fit right, sleeves, hems...they are all my downfall!  However, now that I have a serger, I should really get over my fear and have fun with the amazing knit fabrics they are releasing and printing in custom fabric groups!  And there are many, many, many patterns made specifically for knit, with easy to follow instructions and FaceBook groups to help you figure it out if you get stuck!  To ease my way into sewing with knits I picked the Slim Fit Raglan top by Patterns for Pirates, a fun Disney knit fabric that wasn't too expensive, and then went for it.  The shirt is for me, since my kids weren't nearly as excited about going to Disney as I was... I had plans to make a few different ones, but my old nemesis, Time, ran out on me!
Shirt in action, we caught Tinkerbell!
I had to severely modify the fit, but that was because I'm not used to making clothing anymore.  And I'm lumpy, so I went with the biggest size for my measurements, which made it look like a sack when I wore it.  The initial shirt went together super fast, only 5 pieces to the pattern and they went together perfect!  Once I tried it on and saw that I needed to take it in a lot on the top and bottom (but not the middle, rats!), I turned it inside out and pinned where I wanted to go in. I probably should have sewn it with my regular machine before going at it with the serger (it cuts off the 'extra' fabric as it sews, so no room for mistakes!) but I was running out of time and just threw caution to the wind.
First sewing attempt, you can see how the sides are more 'square' than the finished pic, this was before  modifications.
Dark pic because I needed to pack it up!
Next time I make this pattern, I'll try actually grading the pattern - that is where you use your measurements and contour it in and out smoothly so that it actually fits all the lumps and bumps of a 'real' body.  That's the great part about PDF patterns, you can always reprint!
Look at that cool stitching from the serger!
Close up of the fun fabric, the 'sparkles' are actually printed on the fabric!
Now I need to resist buying and hoarding all the amazing knit fabrics...

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